Must Reads Roundup

Haven't cleared the tabbar in a while - here are some things you should try not to miss:dotcommonweal: Beautiful Bodies; Rotted Hearts, a remarkable piece of writing, and a look at the underbelly of free market capitalism that makes so many of the churches uneasy, even as they oppose the alternatives. Don't miss it.OSV: Their Catholic Internet Readers Guide. Yours truly gives a few of her own suggestions, although no one surveyed mentioned this blog! Whaa.Speaking of Surveys: First … [Read more...]

More Norm Fallout, Abortion Alleys & More

Apparently, for reasons I cannot yet fathom, the comments section for this post on what I referred to as a Vatican "fail" was all discombobulated. That has been corrected, but this gives me an excuse to link to a few other reactions to the Norms, and so you can all continue your fisticuffs and so forth either over there or in the comments below!I know the Abortion Alley headline piqued your interest: here is Mary Rose Somarriba explaining why abortion, legal or otherwise, will never leave the … [Read more...]

Serving Up Hot Link Must Reads

In no particular order, let's take a random look at what has my tab bar all cluttered up:Sir Elton John: is actually a brave knight willing to dare the dangerous Swamp of Political Incorrectness. First the Limbaugh wedding, now a concert in Israel, where other artists are too cowardly (and too well-trained by the collective) to go."Ain't gonna stop me from coming here, baby," he told the cheering crowd in Tel Aviv, saying he believed music should spread peace and bring people together: … [Read more...]

Headlines in my tab bar

A quick tear across the tabs:Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows. Hey, our newest car is nine years old. We'd love to help out the automakers by buying something new, but between the taxes, the raise-freeze, increased costs and so forth, it's not happening this year.On the same subject, Ed Morrissey says that if we haven't figured it out before, now is a good time to understand that we're in serious trouble, since Obama has decided to double down on the very disaster he whines about … [Read more...]

Rounding Up the News UPDATED

:::UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: NYC Car Bombing episode looks increasingly like work of terrorists. It takes a lot to get anyone to admit it. Let's be aware of this: were it not for technical difficulties last weekend in NY, and in the air last December 26th, we'd now be talking about two successful terrorist attacks on America, in the last 6 months.The Government is keeping its options open, though. You never know, this might have been the work of government-hating grandmas:Officials cautioned … [Read more...]

Deadline linking – UPDATES

First I wrote something long and angry and decided that after five years of blogging I should know better than to write angry, so I dumped it.Then I got busy with something that I actually have to write on deadline.Then, I took a break, mosey'd over to Deacon Greg's establishment and found this:"From the beginning and throughout history, Peter has often been a wobbly rock, a source of scandal, corrupt, and yet this is the one - and his successors - whose task is to hold us together so that … [Read more...]

What we missed this weekend

The coughing and hacking over here continues, but a quiet weekend helped me to get caught up on email, where one question was asked twice: "Anchoress, why didn't you go to CPAC 2010.Oh, gosh, I could answer that so many ways: that attending it with a rousing case of bronchitis would serve no one well; that I don't really self-identify as a "conservative." That lots of "pure" conservatives like to agree with me that I am "no true conservative." (What is the difference between Republicans and … [Read more...]

That Bronchitis that was chasing me linkfest – UPDATED

It hasn't quite caught me, yet. But it seems to be gaining on me.Meanwhile, this made me laugh: "he's not an orator; he's a Republican".Blogging will be on and off today. Don't know how interesting it will be!Here are some links:Spengler: The Long-Term Employment Bust.Archbishop Dolan: It's a grand time to return to confession!More Lenten Reading Recommends. He Leadeth Me really is incredible.Also, Free Downloadable Lenten Reading and BooksFirst they excommunicate her, then they … [Read more...]

Serving up hot links!

I will be out for most of the day, running errands, and won't be back to writing until the afternoon, but a few links to keep you amused:Picking up on yesterday's piece on the Sisters of Mary visiting Oprah, and the cheapening and distortion of our sexual understanding, a couple things. First, the sisters unveiled their new web site design, today, in honor of their 13th anniversary, so check be sure to check it out, and also, read what Fr. Z has to say about the sexualizing of children (seems … [Read more...]

Politics & Religion until you puke

Lots and lots to read today, but I'll break it down for you, one section for religion, one for politics. Pols first - got this from Insty:You can read the lyrics here.SOTU Address: Obama "needs to come off as authentic".Come off? Perhaps this illustrates a big difference between Presidents Obama and Bush. Bush did not have to "come off" as authentic. He was authentic.Beltway Democrats (and to be fair, too many Beltway Republicans) do not understand it because they -as smart, … [Read more...]