Prayer Requests & Housekeeping

Okay, it's a hodge-podge, but I have a lot to cover.First up, if you are inclined to prayer, please pray for a boy in critical condition: Ben had a heart attack a few days ago on the soccer field. His heart attack it turns out, was from a huge blood clot in his leg, which has since been amputated below the knee. He is stabilizing but still in need of much prayer.Also, some may recall praying for blogger Greg Cotharn's sister-in-law Lisa as she underwent some adult-stem-cell therapies. … [Read more...]

Sebelius cheers thugs & a GREAT photo essay

There is offensive language on this video, so if that bothers you, you are warned. To my way of thinking the physical violence is more offensive:Source: The indispensable Hot AirThe day after the attack on a fellow selling buttons and "Don't Tread on Me" flags (and which immediately preceded this event), Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held a conference call to the SEIU, during which she greeted her union "brothers and sisters" and said "keep doing what you're doing!"Culture of … [Read more...]

Obey-mian Representative Democracy

SourceI'll say this for Life Under the Obama Regime, the inclusion of communist-inspired propaganda art has certainly upgraded and enlivened political expression. This is much more captivating (and substantive) than, for example, the played-out Bushian beheadings and vampires. (H/T)Then there is the spreading Joker, which apparently has been collecting new captionsArt appreciation aside, does anyone remember the recent demonizing of corporate fellows who dared to take private jets to … [Read more...]

As Feast of Sacred Heart Closes…

Let me direct your attention to a really excellent piece. Read it, you'll so like.Also, Interview with a Consecrated Virgin over at Deacon Greg's.We're big fans of classic films in this house and this is a great, fun piece.John Cardinal O' Connor; Ten years after this champion for life suggested it, the US Bishops have approved his suggested Mass for Life. Cool.Those Medieval Monks could draw!As Spock would say: fascinating.David Ignatius: What's going on in Iran is for realSee … [Read more...]

Our freezing summer makes me gripe

It's freezing here; we can't swim, can't have the windows open. Every day is cold. It just convinces me more than ever that solar flares (or the lack of them) have more to do with the ever-changing climate of planet earth.And more resentful of policies, programs and restrictions put in our way, in service to the hoo-hah of Mr. Gore. And why this ticks me off, too. And this. And why not, anymore?I am most seriously unhappy today.The prescient satirical genius of Paddy ChayefskyIn … [Read more...]

Feeling blogged out? UPDATED

Amba wonders if some bloggers are feeling blogged out?A bunch of us seem to have gone blooey all at once, as if responding helplessly to some shift in the heavens, or in the collective unconscious. The cultural wavefront has moved on, but whither? Twitter feels transitional, somehow. But blogging just seems to have peaked and ebbed . . . to have reached a saturation point, or point of diminishing returns. Maybe after several years of emptying out our minds daily (like chamber pots?) a lot … [Read more...]

An Exceedingly Interesting Round-up

You will like this round-up of links. No, seriously, you will; it is full of chewy, satisfying round-uppy goodness, and contains no artificial sweeteners, and I will fully resist the urge to fall into my cowgirl lingo of yore. Some religion, some politics, some gossipy stuff.Bookworm: is wondering if Obama is an atheist:Obama’s White Houses instinctively uses the same wishy-washy language atheists use: “My heart is with you.” “My thoughts are with you.” “I send you my wishes.” No prayer … [Read more...]

"Make it stop…"

If you have never seen it, and I am betting you have not, do yourself a favor and rent a copy of Big Trouble. Released too soon after 9/11-when America had no patience for stories with naked cops running through airports while nuclear suitcases were being smuggled through airport security ("it's a garbage disposal...")-the film (which is based on the book by Dave Barry) deserves to be seen. It's irreverent. It's ineptly violent. It has goats on runways. It's glorious. And at the very end, … [Read more...]

Amusing husband – UPDATED

My husband came home from work today at 5 P.M.This is something he has not done in our 26.5 years together, so understandably, I was concerned; he immediately began rummaging the kitchen for dark chocolate, which is his one vice.I held my breath and asked the dread question: "You didn't get laid off, did you?""No," he said, munching."Well, er...if you're feeling unwell, you probably shouldn't be eating chocolate."He raised his eyebrows. "This from the woman who thinks chocolate should … [Read more...]

Linkaround; Flowers & Weeds

It's spring; that time before summer when you get to decide what's a flower and what's a weed.Kind of like that with the news, too. Let's look around - lots of stuff I've been meaning to share with you, and you can determine the weeds from the flowers on your own!Quote of the day, week, month, etc:Isn't it fabulous how Obama has reconciled with our enemies and put fear into the hearts of Americans? Does any image illustrate so neatly the wrongheadedness of the Obama administration than … [Read more...]