A Recovery Party? Random Chills, Thrills & Myths

Comrades, it's difficult to keep up, but the mandatory service requirement requires that you try. The oxymoronic thing passed in the Senate. It passed by a healthy margin.Yesterday a thoughtful young 24 year old whom I have known since he was about 10 or 11 sent along this piece about California regulating car colors, and I wrote back - feeling a little bit like King Arthur in the last scene of Camelot, "someday you will tell your children about the mythical land of America, where people … [Read more...]

Some Housekeeping

Please pray for Heather, who is pregnant and now diagnosed with what seems to be an aggressive cancer. She is taking light radiation (with protection for the baby) and responding well to that, but she has a long way to go. Doctors hope to take the baby in April, provided its lungs can handle it. This young woman, her baby and her family, need lots of prayers.Congrats to Ann Althouse who has gone and gotten engaged to a fella who started out as a commenter on her blog, and has become her … [Read more...]

Obamarama Linkapalooza

Actually, the Linkfest will be coming up, but I had to share Chris Muir's great cartoon, (H/T Amused Cynic):Oh, come on, laugh! If you're not allowed to laugh at your president, then you're already not free!Check back for lots of links! Today will be a "day of continual linking" with constant updates, so keep coming back! One quick thought: If any congressional critter needs an excuse to suddenly "switch my vote in order to take a serious look at this provision, they've got it. And … [Read more...]

Fastest. Linkaround. Evah.

Panetta, Rendition;, who knew?Hitchens on Lincoln; always worth reading, even if Newsweek isn't.Hey, Juden: don't fly that flag...It's the oldest hate. But that doesn't make it the smartest!Calvinist in Calvin Klein?: Pastor James Dean!Maureen Dowd: 14 years oldBono: Taking writing work away from actual writers? Maybe, but he's a better writer than Dowd, hands down.Faith in freedom and people: Reminds me of a line spoken by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, but are these Iraqi … [Read more...]

Christmas linking around

While the President-elect enjoys the links in Hawaii, Glenn Reynolds hears from readers about reduced crowds at resorts. Can you imagine the conniptions the press would have having if McCain had won and took the exact same vacation Obama is currently taking while "people are freezing to death and Americans are stuck at home..."I mean, I'm just sayin'.Meanwhile, the pope's excellent address to the Roman Curia got scammed by Reuters, who played with the Holy Father's … [Read more...]

Guns, Bailouts, Gitmo and Soap

Retreat was excellent, but I need to process it a little before I write about it.Meanwhile, a quick look around tells me I didn't miss much, newswise.Guns: Instapundit links to two pieces on increased gun sales - or the perception of it. I don't know if I buy the cause and effect. I've been contemplating buying a gun for at least two years, and it has nothing to do with politics or social issues, or the election. It's because after reading female-authored articles on training with … [Read more...]

Insomniac quick hits II

George W. Obama: Jim Geraghty identifies what would be an Obama Bushism, if such things were being observed and tallied:"You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never.'" — Obama, speaking in AmmanI know another:"Only a Sith speaks in absolutes."But I never could stay awake through that movie. Hot Air finds another.The verbal gaffes must be because Obama is tired. I can accept that; traveling knocks the crap out of me, and Obama really is "only human". But I can't h … [Read more...]

Scanning the Sphere: quick hits

Found in the mailbox: No One Sees God; The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers by Michael Novak.Which reminds me, this is the best book I've read this year, reviewed here and here.We're painting another bedroom (I love it when my husband takes some vacation time) so here are some quick hits - follow the links, they're all good:From the Dept. of Obama's gotta learn to lighten up!: I can't believe the brouhaha over the New Yorker cover! Remember when Kilborn put the "Snipers Wanted" logo on … [Read more...]

200,000 Condoms & some comments

Write a letter, save a life! The easiest task you'll have all day!Priorities in order, the UN sends 200,000 condoms to Myanmar, which the government has accepted. Perhaps those poor people can inflate them, tie them together and float out of there on them. (Margaret Cabaniss gives helpful links to Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services.)Demilitarizing America: it's the Smart-Obama thing to do. He's sounding dumber and dumber to me, and I'm sorry but doesn't he seem almost as … [Read more...]

Linking around: Bush/Obama/Press & more

Quote of the Weekend:Can Somebody Explain to Me how Obama sat in Wright's church for 20 years and managed never to hear anything, but hears 20 seconds of a Bush speech that doesn't mention him and perceives a shameful personal attack? - Andy McCarthyYesterday I wrote:What is very interesting to me is how quickly the headlines and stories have moved away from Bush and any full-text, contextual display of the speech to making it all about Obama. Yes...it really is all about the … [Read more...]