Andrew Breitbart, RIP; Reactions


43 is too young to die, isn't it? It's always sad to read about the sudden passing of a young parent. Andrew Breitbart leaves behind four small children and his wife. He may have died rather quietly, but the swirling, passionate energy I see in the reactions to his death seem appropriate, somehow.Never having had any dealings with Andrew Breitbart, I had no feelings about him, either way. At times I thought he was appropriately ballsy and brave and other times I thought he was "too much" but … [Read more...]

The Clampdown; Shirley Sherrod & Ken Howell – UPDATED

Here we have the presentment of two job losses:Shirley Sherrod gives a speech; within the speech she indulges in a bit of roundaboutation, saying some things that seemed offensive, until the larger context was understood.Because the embrasure of "politically correct speech" has encouraged reactionary hyper-vigilance as to words, sentences or modes of reasoning that might steer too close to the movable line known as "hate," Sherrod's edited remarks were immediately received as such and … [Read more...]

Sherrod should write a book- UPDATED

The Pool of Bethesda, 1645, Joost Cornelisz DroochslootShirley Sherrod says she is not certain that she would accept a reinstatement to her office even if the USDA offers it to her.I think she should not. This woman needs to write a book. Politics aside, (and Sherrod may have had a little time to reconsider her absorption of the NAACP's message that tea parties = racists) her personal story is gripping, poignant and wholesome - a staggering snapshot of where America was 50 years ago, … [Read more...]