Norbertine Christmas Wreaths!

Just got the order form for the Norbertine Nuns Christmas Wreaths in my email. I do love these nuns, but I wish they'd embrace technology just a little and set up a website for their wreaths, which are spectacularly fresh and fragrant and last beautifully throughout the season!I mean, this is kind of cute:Call or e-mail us to inquire about (or to place an early order for) a Christmas wreath made by the Norbertine Sisters! (661) 823-1066 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (661) 823- … [Read more...]

Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

As Bill Creed, a Jesuit spiritual director, once told me, "In the bright sunshine of God's love, your shadows begin to emerge." -- James Martin, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything; A Spirituality for Real LifeBoy, does that resonate with me, and with everyone I know who is serious about deepening their relationship with Christ. Face-to-face with the All-in-all, one eventually comes face-to-face with oneself, in all one's glaring inadequacy; the soul is planed down through prayer and … [Read more...]

Little Black Book of Violence

Over at PJTV, Dr. Helen talks to Lawrence Kane about his book, The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting. I had seen this book recommended at Instapundit last year, and put a copy of it into my son Buster's Christmas stocking.Watch Dr. Helen's enjoyable chat with Kane, which I enjoyed and think you will, too.After watching the video, I gave Buster a call. He says he is almost halfway through the book and likes it quite a lot. "It goes out of its … [Read more...]

Five years in a shelter?

Over at New Advent, I found a story from CBS news that I think was meant to be an amusing sort of "feel good" story:Manhattan Soup Kitchen Serves Caviar; Anonymous Donor Gives 150 NYC Needy a Taste of Luxury LifeThere was something special on the menu at a New York soup kitchen Thursday.Those eating lunch at the Broadway Community Inc. facility in Manhattan got a taste of the luxury life, thanks to a gift of caviar from an anonymous donor.The caviar was served along with sour cream and … [Read more...]

New Idea for the New Year -Updated

This is an idea I love, out of the blogosphere, via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, who writes:KILLING THE D.C. SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM: Because protecting bureaucrats’ rice bowls is more important than, you know, actually educating. UPDATE: “Democrats Resegregate DC School System.”We discussed this here a few months ago:Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea Clinton, went, and Malia and Sasha Obama currently attend), who seems utterly baffled as to w … [Read more...]

Your MUST READ on Healthcare

David Goldhill has done all of us a tremendous service with his 10,000 word article in The Atlantic Online. Yes, it's long, but it's thoughtful and true and something that really must be read. I had linked to it as an update, here, but decided that it really needs to be promoted, disseminated and discussed, and not relegated to an "update" that might be missed.Goldhill is a Democrat who looks at the healthcare not as a wonk or a partisan, but from the perspective of a businessman who has … [Read more...]