Juan Williams: Fired for Doubting – UPDATED

(Graphic via Ed Driscoll, who has a good roundup)I wonder if it was smart of NPR to--12 days out from an election where leftism is headed for a defeat of rejection--re-inforce the perception that both liberalism and the media are out of control; that they have utterly cast off their former roles as champions of free speech and free thought, in favor of compulsory conformity.On consideration, I (along with Andrew Malcolm) say, no...not smart. Catastrophically not smart.My first thought … [Read more...]

ATTENTION: This is NOT my facebook page

In fact, I do not yet have a page on facebook; I have been trying to resist. But that may soon change.In any case, I cannot help but note that there are people commenting on this page as though it is mine.I like the picture quite a lot, actually, but it's not my page; I have no idea where it came from or what the hs in the url is all about. Suggestions as to what all of this means in the virtual universe are welcome. … [Read more...]