Rosary for Job-Seekers – UPDATED

UPDATE: I have written an expanded version of these rosary meditations for OSV; you can order pamphlets of it for your church or group, hereReading about these especially horrific numbers and the endless squeezing of the Middle Class, and watching my son--still trying to find a real, full-time job now that the temporary one has ended--brought prayer.Prayer has power. When everything is falling apart, prayer holds. Any one of us can suddenly find ourselves out of work, and looking at … [Read more...]

Questions in the blogosphere

I'm kinda pooped from all the Benedict blogging of late. Meanwhile, a quick lookaround:From the Dept. of Silly Quesitons:Q: Did Laura Bush wear white to host the pope at the White House because she believes she is a monarch's wife or because she is signaling an assent to the rampant rumors that President Bush will become a Catholic when he leaves office?A: Cueing the Twilight Zone music, I'm going to hazard a guess: Mrs. Bush and Jenna Bush both wore black skirts to meet Benedict … [Read more...]

A Far Out Animation, SocSec, Anti-Semites and More

Patrick at Paragraph Farmer brings us an animation that is both far and near. It's very cool. Go look.David Brooks had a terrific column today that basically lifts the mists and spells out exactly how the Democrats have revealed themselves to be completely phoney in their concerns. Or, maybe not phoney. I don't think they're so much phoney as just so committed to being against anything - anything at all - that President Bush is for, that they will even turn their backs on their own … [Read more...]

An interesting rebuttal

A front page story at the SF Chronicle says President Clinton would have saved Social Security - if only the damn Republicans hadn't been so obsessed with Monica Lewinsky.Seems to me, we keep hearing that President Clinton would have "reformed Education, if only he hadn't been distracted with Monica Lewinsky and those damn Republicans."And he would have "captured Osama bin Laden, if only he hadn't been distracted with Monica Lewinsky and those damn Republicans."And he would have responded … [Read more...]