Eurabian Civil War

Transcript of Mark Steyn talking to Hugh Hewitt on the spreading riots in France.I think, is the start of a long Eurabian civil war we're witnessing here.HH: Now that's a pretty provocative statement. Let's begin by...describe these for us. Are they like the Moscow or the Leningrad or the St. Petersberg tenements that stretch on and on?MS: Well, actually, I would say they're more miserable than that...HH: Wow.Read it all. … [Read more...]

This “savior” talk has got to stop

Bill Clinton purports to be a Christian...he's a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, it seems to me he should be appalled to see these recurring - and really, SICK - headlines constantly referring to him as "savior."Bill Clinton as World Savior.Bill Clinton, Savior of the World.But perhaps "savior" is precisely the word Clinton likes. Perhaps these two reporters didn't get the memo:Bill Clinton's Plan for World Domination doesn't sound anywhere as optimistic as his … [Read more...]

Canada refusing socialized medicine?

This is a huge, huge story, and I've only seen it, so far at Sigmund Carl and Alfred who cover it and talk about it extensively. Go. Read. Good. … [Read more...]

Barone nails it

Barone on the overdue re-examination of rampant multiculturalism.In America, as in Britain, multiculturalism has become the fashion in large swathes of our society. So the Founding Fathers are presented only as slaveholders, World War II is limited to the internment of Japanese-Americans and the bombing of Hiroshima. Slavery is identified with America, though it has existed in every society and the antislavery movement arose first among English-speaking evangelical Christians.But most … [Read more...]

EU wants to regulate cleavage

Betsy Newmark brings this story to our attention - and a sorry story it is:Bavarian bar keepers have been told that the dirndl, generally rather revealing, will have to be replaced as it offers no protection against what the directive calls "natural sources of radiation", meaning sunlight.Employers now face heavy fines if they fail to protect their workers from the threat of sunburn or skin cancer."This is European law-making at its most pedantic," said Munich's mayor, Christian Ude. "A … [Read more...]

UK Doctors get the “final” word

This is a very troubling rulingThe General Medical Council has won its appeal against a ruling which gave a seriously-ill patient the right to stop doctors withdrawing food and drink.Leslie Burke, 45, who has a degenerative brain condition, fears artificial nutrition could be stopped against his wishes when he cannot talk.Mr Burke, from Lancaster, had won a landmark ruling, supporting his right to artificial nutrition and hydration.But the GMC appealed, saying doctors could be put in an … [Read more...]

Socialized Medicine, the failed experiment Krugman loves

I had a suspicious mole removed last week and the doctor who did the surgery was from Sweden. Wonderful man, and he's done this for me many times and never left a scar. He worked under socialized medicine and he hates it. As he was working on me, he related a few horror stories, and he ended with this pronouncement: Socialized medicine is what they play on the streets in the city, a 3-card monte. It sounds great, people think they've got what they need, but in the end, the system cannot … [Read more...]

Norway’s not all that, after all.

An interesting and well-written article in the NY Times - by a freelancer living in Oslo - suggests that the storied-most-successful-of-the-socialist-states, Norway, is not the economic utopia some would have us believe.In Oslo, library collections are woefully outdated, and public swimming pools are in desperate need of maintenance. News reports describe serious shortages of police officers and school supplies. When my mother-in-law went to an emergency room recently, the hospital was out … [Read more...]

Joe Marshall has completed his interview

Amusingly, Joe has (as I knew he would) taken my questions to him to be somewhat revealing of myself.The only thing I was trying to reveal by my questions is that I resist intimacy and never pry too deeply into anyone's personal life! :-) Arms length is just fine by me.You can read his answers here.He also has a new post, which for some reason Blogger won't allow me to link to, wherein he provides photo-evidence of cruel poverty in America and recounts the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. Fire - which … [Read more...]