Because we're all activists, now…

Screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi has taken the time to write a little primer-of-sorts, on what Hollywood knows about delivering a message and influencing thinking. It's very insightful and I'm thinking the Army of Davids, the Tea Party, the nation full of newly-hatched activists and fledgling politicians could use a little "inside baseball" information to help them do battle with the Goliaths! Here is what Barbara says about getting the message out: For nearly one hundred years, the … [Read more...]

On Palin; No Animus, No Condescension

In my piece yesterday at Pajamas Media I wrote: . . .thrust-and-parry between a candidate and the media can both sharpen a candidate’s edge and enliven his footwork to his benefit; one smooth slice, well-timed, can topple both press and opponent, and linger in a voter’s memory as a satisfying match they want to see replayed . . . This is something Sarah Palin (and for that matter, the Tea Partiers) may wish to keep in mind for 2012. Palin is perfectly capable of deft bladework, but too … [Read more...]