Remembering Schiavo and John Paul II

Leticia Velasquez has written a beautiful witness to life and love on the main page:It was the first day of spring in 2005. I was at the florist in the seaside village where I grew up, assembling a basket of flowering spring plants for my sister, who had just given birth.Immersing my hands in budding greenery, inhaling the earthy scents—it helped to chase away, for a few moments, the looming death which occupied my mind. Later that evening, watching my sister's pink newborn suck on his tiny f … [Read more...]

In the mail today…

Fighting for Dear Life by Schindler Attorney David Gibbs.Published by Bethany House, this looks pretty good. I'll try to read it this week and give you my take, assuming yer interested. You can order it through this button, too. … [Read more...]

Catholic and Anglican Bishops get together

THIS is interesting.LONDON (CNS) -- In a show of religious unity, a Catholic bishop and an Anglican bishop commemorated the death of the first English martyr of the Protestant Reformation.Anglican Bishop Richard Chartres of London and Catholic Auxiliary Bishop George Stack of Westminster led an ecumenical service May 4 in memory of St. John Houghton, one of 18 Carthusian monks killed by King Henry VIII in the 16th century. It was the first time the two churches celebrated the ceremony … [Read more...]

Wait. What? George Felos’ ex is going to WHAT?

Maybe I need a tonic, or I reading this press release correctly?Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation has harsh words for the former Mrs. Felos' attempts to capitalize on TerriIn a press release issued through PR Web, titled “Lawyer Who Presented CT Scan & Medical Evidence in Court Analyzes Autopsy Results in Terri Schiavo Case” Ms. d’Angelis (former wife of Attorney to Michael Schiavo, George Felos) claims she will be available to interpret the anticipated Medical Exami … [Read more...]

A Zogby poll that might have been helpful a week ago

Recall that the ABC and CBS polls were showing that 68% of Americans were "in favor of letting Terri Schiavo die..." Other polls also reflected a general acquiesence on the part of most Americans as to whether Terri should "be allowed to die" or not.Recall that the questions they asked asked the question in a very specific way,which I am tired so I'm just going to paraphrase for now: "Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegatative state, and has been for 15 years, she is in a coma and will never … [Read more...]

Repost by demand: Can bloggers save a woman’s life?

Reposted this date due to numerous requests: Suppose you are alive, but paralysed. Your mind seems to be in working order, but you can't say much. You're happy to see your family who come to visit you all the time, and you do make every effort you can to respond to your surroundings. You enjoy the sunshine in the morning, when your nurses open the curtains, and you like the sound of rain falling upon the window, and at night, you can see the moon travel across the sky, as you watch and wonder. … [Read more...]

Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo – RIP

I am so sorry that when you died, your parents and siblings were not permitted to be with you....the parents and their two other children "were denied access at the moment of her death. They've been requesting, as you know, for the last hour to try to be in there and they were denied access by Michael Schiavo. They are in there now, praying at her bedside."It is completely and utterly heartbreaking to read this.Be at peace, in glory and wholeness. And flights of angels lead you to your rest.It … [Read more...]

Terri RESPONDING to her father

Dirty Harry is posting a tape of Terri Schiavo responding to her father, a tape made just two years ago. Listen to it here.Terri is clearly hearing and responding to her father. This is heartbreaking.While you're at it, if you can bear it, after listening to Terri and understanding once again that she is being made to die, for NO GOOD REASON, listen to Bill O' Reilly's rant against the ACLU. I don't usually watch him, but I'm glad I watched it. I'd been ignoring the ACLU for a while, but clearly … [Read more...]

The arrogant bunker mentality of an entrenched judiciary

Ed Morrissey serves up a furious helping of completely correct and justified righteous indignation at the arrogant and condescending tone of the final opinion rendered by the Eleventh Circuit.Sez the court:"In resolving the Schiavo controversy, it is my judgment that, despite sincere and altruistic motivation, the legislative and executive branches of our government have acted in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for the governance of a free people our … [Read more...]

Code Blue Blog issues challenge to neurologists

I've linked to Dr. Boyle a few times already. He's been getting increasingly antsy and angry over the Schiavo case and now he has thrown down a gauntlet.I have seen several neurologists -- in the printed media and on television -- put up a Representative CT of the brain of a normal 25 year old female and contrast this with Terri Schiavo's CT. This is a totally spurious comparison. No one is disputing that Terri Schiavo does not have the CT of a 25 year old female.What I'm saying is that Terri … [Read more...]