Cover-up in Schiavo case? And a note from her father.

This showed up in my email box, and in view of the pending court case concerning whether or not Terri Schiavo lives or dies, it's something to read and pass along. Florida DOH Destroyed Records After Schiavo Doctor ClearedOf Wrongdoing Following InvestigationBy June Maxam and Ginger Berlin© The Empire Journal A new report issued by the inspector general’s office of Florida’s Department of Health indicates that previous complaints against Michael Schiavo concerning alleged abuse and neglect of … [Read more...]

Can the bloggers save a woman’s life?

Suppose you are alive, but paralysed. Your mind seems to be in working order, but you can't say much. You're happy to see your family who come to visit you all the time, and you do make every effort you can to respond to your surroundings. You enjoy the sunshine in the morning, when your nurses open the curtains, and you like the sound of rain falling upon the window, and at night, you can see the moon travel across the sky, as you watch and wonder. You like to blow kisses and receive them.Some … [Read more...]