What can we say about Terri and Felos? And the pope?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this - I haven't looked around the blogosphere yet, but I'm quite certain that someone has beaten me to it.Nevertheless...He is not swallowing well.He is not talking.He is not walking.Whew, I am SO GLAD he's the pope and is at least being treated respectfully, that he is not some poor woman in Florida with a lawyer going in and out of the room giving reports about her "serene and beautiful death," complete with details of urine output and morphine … [Read more...]

Florida Bishops offer weak, mealy-mouthed talk on Schiavo

Egad, what a disappointment!It's not unusual for the layfolk to have to speak up and say, EXCUSE ME? Is this the best you shepherds can do?The Florida Catholic Bishops’ conference has stated plainly that Terri’s means of receiving food and water does not constitute ‘extraordinary’ means of preserving her life, and is a simple requirement of ordinary care. Bishop Lynch, a signatory to that statement, has in a statement of his own, implied that Terri is at death’s door, and indicates that his only … [Read more...]

Terri’s Schiavo and the cloud of witnesses

It is only a brief stay, but what an opening for the workings of grace!Judge Greer has stayed Michael Schiavo's move to commence the starvation death of his wife to March 18, Sundaythe feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, a Father of the Church. The day before is St. Patrick's Day and the day after is St. Joseph's Day. March 18 is also the Friday before Palm Sunday - the last Friday before Good Friday.Why does any of that matter? It doesn't really, except if you want to ask those members of the … [Read more...]

Schiavo allowed to starve wife to death: UPDATED

UPDATE: AN EMERGENCY STAY IS ORDERED:Short and sweet: Judge Greer has ordered an emergency stay which will prevent Terri's feeding tubes from being removed until 5:PM Wednesday. Exactly 24 hours from now. There will be a hearing earlier in the day. Pray for Judge Greer, that his heart will be moved to regard "erring on the side of life" preferrable to starving this woman to death for no good reason.***She's not dying. She's just a big inconvenience who he won't divorce, even as he builds a life … [Read more...]

The Church of Good Health: Body, Mind, Spirit? Body…Body…Body?

It's curious to find my first post today to be about health, since I have succumbed to some raggedy-assed virus of a sort. I haven't exactly crashed and burned as in the past, but it's been a logey and cruddy sort of day. But enough about me.Ann Althouse has an interesting post on a recent statement by the Vatican. Althouse herself, crediting the Vat with having a made a good point, says: Perhaps as an ethical matter, anyone contemplating something like cosmetic surgery, ought to think again and … [Read more...]

Cover-up in Schiavo case? And a note from her father.

This showed up in my email box, and in view of the pending court case concerning whether or not Terri Schiavo lives or dies, it's something to read and pass along. Florida DOH Destroyed Records After Schiavo Doctor ClearedOf Wrongdoing Following InvestigationBy June Maxam and Ginger Berlin© The Empire Journal A new report issued by the inspector general’s office of Florida’s Department of Health indicates that previous complaints against Michael Schiavo concerning alleged abuse and neglect of … [Read more...]

Can the bloggers save a woman’s life?

Suppose you are alive, but paralysed. Your mind seems to be in working order, but you can't say much. You're happy to see your family who come to visit you all the time, and you do make every effort you can to respond to your surroundings. You enjoy the sunshine in the morning, when your nurses open the curtains, and you like the sound of rain falling upon the window, and at night, you can see the moon travel across the sky, as you watch and wonder. You like to blow kisses and receive them.Some … [Read more...]