Would US Elections Still Astound de Tocqueville and Chesterton?


If you're not subscribing to The Catholic Answer, perhaps the September/October issue running up to the elections will get you to consider it. There, along with some excellent regular columns and the very help Q&A's that define the magazine, you'll find Russell Shaw writing about how Catholics should prepare to vote, and hitting on five notions: 1. Voting is a moral act — don’t vote frivolously or selfishly. 2. Don’t compartmentalize politics and morality. 3. … [Read more...]

Mercy Strewn, the Feathers Still Linger


Over at The Catholic Answer Magazine, my column dredges up the pain caused by gossip, and hints that mercy is always a good, if not-always-perfect, option. Answering the phone, I was alarmed to hear only a deep, guttural sobbing on the other end. After a moment, the caller collected herself enough to say, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Who is this?” I asked, suspecting a wrong number. In another second I recognized the voice; it belonged to someone who, 20 years earlier, had … [Read more...]