Stations of the Cross: a Treasure

When we talk about "treasures of the church" I always think of the Stations of the Cross, which is one of my favorite devotions.When you are feeling stressed and need to be taken out of yourself (or you need to find meaning in what you're going through) the Stations of the Cross "walk you through" the Passion of Christ, and it is staggering how often whatever you are bringing to that Via Dolorosa finds its expression on the cross with Christ.I remember once, praying in a hospital chapel … [Read more...]

Faith Friday Wise Desert Words II

PhotosourceAbba Lot visited Abba Joseph and summarized his religious life this way:"Abba, I recite the liturgy the best I can, sometimes I fast, I pray and meditate, I try to live peacefully with others, and I attempt to cleanse my thoughts. What more can I do?"The old man Joseph stood up, stretching his hands toward heaven. His fingers seemed to be ten lamps of fire. He said to Lot, "If you will, you can become all flame."Divided tongues of fire appeared among them, and a tongue … [Read more...]

Faith Friday Wise Desert Words I

Amma Theodora lists these qualities for a teacher: - Have no desire to dominate - Have no interest in vanity or pride - Never be distracted by flattery or gifts - Be in control of the stomach - Be slow to become angry - Be as patient, gentle and humble as possible - Be properly examined and without political ties - Be a lover of soulsYou, then, that teach others, will you not teach yourselves? - Romans, 2:21(Source, to come...) … [Read more...]