Lies, Selective reporting and other links

Hamlet: Will you play upon this pipe? Guildenstern: My lord, I cannot. Hamlet: I pray you. Guildenstern: Believe me, I cannot. Hamlet: I do beseech you. Guildenstern: I know no touch of it my lord. Hamlet: It is as easy as lying. - Hamlet, Act IIISpeaking of lying, check out Alexandra's excellent exposition of just how successful the press has been in selling the idea that no one ever said nuthing about WMD until President Bush did. Good piece. It all can't be said enough, given how easily … [Read more...]

Caveat Emptor?

Vaughn Ververs has a piece up at CBS Public Eye which is pretty interesting. In it he takes a look at the increasingly unreliable news coming from what he and others refer to as the "new media."Although he does not restrict himself to "new" media, I don't think. He mentions that the world of big-time-official journalism is still trying to figure out what is true or what is false in USA Today's recent story about phone records and the NSA. Hopefully he means they're still trying to figure … [Read more...]

Couric to CBS – UPDATED

I only care - because mostly I don't care - but I only care because I freaking TOLD them not to do it, and they never listen to me...just like the Yankees never listen when I say "bunt...BUNT!"CBS Public Eye has a round up of blogger reaction and some reader comments that are interesting. Lots of unimpressed, yawning folks out there.As I wrote here, I thought Bob Schieffer was as good as anyone doing the news - and better than some, but I warned Moonves a while back that there were issues … [Read more...]

Media indifference and Sandy Berger

Dr. Sanity has a good point, here.And here. They don't care about this, either. Reid will never have to respond to a question about it.Coupled with the Dateline Sting Operation (exposing bigots in the NASCAR stands, for the good of the nation) it all adds up to a press without shame or a conscience.Kind of a Clintonian press, actually. The things Bill didn't want to look at during his presidency, he didn't look at. Vacation from history. The things the press doesn't want to see, it … [Read more...]

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Over at CBS's Public Eye they've tapped Samuel Freedman for a piece in their "Outside Voices" section (full disclosure, yer anchoress guested over there last October, so I tend to like this feature!)Freedman is a professor of journalism at Columbia University and a columnist on Education for The New York Times, and he is writing about the reality or illusion that is "citizen journalism," as one may find it on the internet or elsewhere these days, and whether Big Time Professional Journalism … [Read more...]

A compendium of media chicanery

This is excellently done: Freeper "Starbase" has unveiled a project I wish I'd thought to do: A Directory of Modern Propaganda Techniques1. Guilt By Association:This is used to damage someone's reputation by associating them with an unattractive person or organization. It doesn't matter if there is an actual association or not.Example: Kristen said that too many people were moving into the South without the input of Americans already living there. "This land is for my grandchildren, not … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman Vanishes – Deathfans and Fascists afoot

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. - Deut 30:19This doesn't feel too good to my gut.An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity quickly vanished Tuesday after he was released from prison, apparently out of fear for his life with Muslim clerics still demanding his death. [...] "We released him last night … [Read more...]

The Lonely Booming Economy – UPDATED

It sounds like a Grimms Brother's Tale, doesn't it?Willisms takes it on. 5 million jobs in 30 months, and it's still a "Rodney Dangerfield Economy" that can't get no respect. No one wants to be its friend. Half the country denies it exists, even as they drive their shiny new cars to the restaurant to drink $8.00 cocktails after drinking the $4.00 coffees all day at work. After buying the latest CD, after seeing the latest play, after picking out their spring wardrobe, after planning this … [Read more...]

You think I’m tough on the press?

I ain't nuthin' compared to Dr. Sanity when she gets going.And I have to say, her rage is pretty righteous.Stop the ACLU also points to a problem with the press. Unreal. … [Read more...]

Economy “slips” into a “sweet spot?”

How do you like that. It was an accident. The economy has slipped into a sweet spot.If you say it like that, you don't have to give anyone credit, do you?Another beaut from our unbiased media.The economy has slipped into a sweet spot of steady growth and low inflation, a seemingly perfect soft landing after a long housing boom, energy price shocks and devastating natural disasters.Economic growth looks set for a strong rebound in the first quarter after a very weak fourth quarter, with … [Read more...]