Both Parties Entwined in Mediocrity

For some reason this is generating lots of traffic, so I'm reposting it; it must be striking a chord, today.September 9, 2005 Both parties entwined in mediocrityHave you ever gone to a doctor to be treated for one thing, only to find that you are suffering from something else, as well, and that both problems are rooted in an iatrogenic third situation - a problem caused by how physicians initially treated another complaint, entirely?Something like that is happening in America.Once upon a … [Read more...]

Anchoress, why aren’t you writing?

I'm getting all these emails..."Anchoress, you depressed?""Anchoress, your computer on the fritz?""Anchoress, why aren't you writing..."Aside from being busy, as indicated yesterday [edited for clarity] I have felt disinclined to write. I feel like I have nothing constructive or positive to say.I'm not writing because...well, it's all beginning to feel a little futile, isn't it? The daily grind of news is essentially the same. Bush is an antiquated manly sort who is also bad, evil, … [Read more...]

Greatest Couric interview EVER!

I've changed my mind - she should absolutely be the next anchor of the CBS Evening News - The Nose on Your Face has shown me the light! Excerpts here from her not-yet-aired interview with Tarheel Terrorist Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar.KC: Good afternoon Mr. Taheri-azar.MT: Were I not shackled I would kill you with my bare hands right now you vapid cur.KC: What a kidder!MT: I am most serious. [..]MT: I am not joking. I purposely rented an SUV so that I could run over a multitude of … [Read more...]

Articles disappearing: bad sign

This makes me uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

Les Moonves! Heads up, over here, please!

Some of you know I routinely give Les Moonves advice on what he can do to improve CBS news (and he should feel complimented - I don't even consider ABC or NBC worth my precious time...). He has apparently - upon deep consideration, I'm sure - decided NOT to take my selfless advice that he hire Delia Gallagher over Katie Couric. Ah well, some people have to learn the hard way...Nevertheless, I'm going to continue in my tireless quest to restore CBS News to its former glory, this time with a … [Read more...]

Warner should have known better

Ann Althouse and Gawker and Jeff Jarvis are all talking about Mark Warner's unfortunate - truly unfortunate - photograph on the cover of last week's New York Times Magazine - a photo which the Times admits wasn't quite accurate.Okay, but he should have known better. The New York Times Magazine has madea habit of putting deplorable, awful, really cheesy pictures on its front cover when it comes to two sorts of people: Any Republican, and Anyone Who Might Run Against a Clinton.Recall the … [Read more...]

Meyer and the Futility of Political Debate – UPDATED

Well, Dick Meyer at CBS has done it again! I'm not kidding, this fellow manages to find the most interesting things to write about - stuff no one else is looking at because most of us (and 99% of the press) run like lemmings to whatever breathless headline has been deemed "important," like Birdshotgate...Today Meyer is wondering whether is political ruminations are worth putting to paper, or is political debate a futile and dead thing?He wonders about it because of a scientific study which … [Read more...]

“…have better things to do than be my own news service…”

One of the two or three streaks of light on our horizon can be perceived in this: that the moral breakdown of these papers has been accompanied by a mental breakdown also. The contemporary official paper, like the "DailyNews" or the "Daily Chronicle" (I mean in so far as it deals with politics), simply cannot argue; and simply does not pretend to argue. It considers the solution which it imagines that wealthy people want, and it signifies the same in the usual manner; which is not by holding up … [Read more...]

Quick! Bring another stick with which to pummel Bush!

Instapundit nails it:Katrina taught the media that if they all swarmed Bush at once they could do harm even if -- as turned out to be the case -- much of what they reported was outright false. I've noticed a lot more of that since. The Bush Administration is quite capable of making its own trouble with PR -- see the ports issue, for example -- but it's also quite clear that the media is doing this sort of thing for entirely partisan reasons. [...] The news is that the port-deal publicity is … [Read more...]


CBS's latest poll shows President Bush's approval rating at an all-time low, which is really not surprising given the enormous hype of Cheney-gate followed immediately by the "what is he nuts" story of the UAE buying control of some of our ports from the English. (Full Disclosure: I was one of the critics until Buster set me thinking...).Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO was quick to notice the weighting issue that she suggested made the poll a "dirty" one.Note the respective numbers of Republicans … [Read more...]