Wealth Porn, Cognitive Dissonance and the Grey Lady

Dick Meyer has an excellent piece up at the CBS website, one of those, “finally-someone-put-into-words-what-I-have-been-thinking” sort of pieces that fling you back into your chair with a satisfied sigh and reassure you that you haven’t been merely imagining things.Every weekend I meander through the New York Times like a mildly ADHD-afflicted canine in Central Park, one who moves excitedly from plant to tree to park bench because there is just so much to sniff. And every weekend I finally cl … [Read more...]

“With respect,” my ass!

Note: This post has been amended for the sake of clarity.This is staggering disrespect from the press. Disrespect for the White House, its representatives and the military.The press, finally, has gone too far. They've crossed a line and revealed - completely and fully revealed - their utter contempt for the military, and their hatred for the president. My journalist friend calls it simple "arrogance."No, it's not "arrogance." It is hate. It is juvenile. It is mindless. It is … [Read more...]

Newsweek RETRACTS but the damage is done

I'm very glad to read that Newsweek has retracted its report of American troops at Gitmo desecrating the Muslim holy book.Sadly, it's way too little, way too late, and while they are retracting they are still insisting that they have been practicing exemplary journalism throughout. But I like what a commenter at Captain Ed's has to say:Contrast this with the media's refusal to show pictures of our fellow citizens jumping out the the world trade center. We were told that such pictures would … [Read more...]

Network Journo and Anchoress talk Newsweek

I have a friend, a very good friend, who is a well-respected member of a network news team. He's got the awards and accolades. More importantly, he has the high regard of all who know him. I have known him for years and can personally attest to the fact that while he is a bit left-of-center in some cases, and can sometimes get as caught up in things as the rest of us, he is quite one of the fairest people I've come across in my traveled life. He was horrified by Rathergate. The excesses of … [Read more...]

Some fun at Newsweek’s expense. Take a breather.

Jimmie at Sundries Shack reviewed all this Newsweek nonsense and decided we all needed to exhale and chortle a little. He's come up with a pretty bright idea:Other Stories to be Published in Newsweek In light of Newsweek’s statement that they were baffled by the Pentagon’s refusal to deny the “flushed Koran” story, I’d like to mention some other stories I expect to see in the magazine in the very near future.I have it on very good authority that these stories are true. I know these things be … [Read more...]

“Isikoff has singlehandedly…”

...US triumph in the country to a total disaster."That's not me saying it, it is one JRK, a reader over at Austin Bay, picked up here by Glenn Reynolds, here:I’m on my way back to Kabul, as I typically do every summer, but my family is completely opposed to my travel and work this year in Afghanistan even though I’ve safely transited there, in and out of State and UN/NGO service for nearly 20 years. The word I receive from Kabuli friends is that Isikoff has singlehandedly turned US triumph in … [Read more...]

Prove a negative: Newsweek redefines journalism ala Rather/Mapes

Ed Morrissey is steaming about the same thing that really got me going yesterday (you'd have to go allllll the way down to near the bottom of my running thread to find it) that the standards for Newsweek seem to be "prove the negative." Since the Pentagon didn' officially DENY this, then it must be true, hey, let's roll with this story.If you remember, this was PRECISELY the same way Dan Rather shot himself in the foot. He gave the WH three hours to respond to fake documents they'd never … [Read more...]

A soldier’s take on Newsweek’s unsourced mayhem

Got this in my email this morning, from a Sgt in Saudi Arabia. It speaks for itself. Newsweek cannot simply get by with a half-assed apology, not when they are putting our troops in additional danger, making their jobs more difficult and possibly extending the warfront.As one of many thousands of soldiers out here, I just have to shake my head at each new "revelation" drug out by the mainstream media. I have lost friends and family to this fight. I have placed my life and the life of my … [Read more...]

Newsweek Lied*, People Died…to build a meme? UPDATED

FINAL: The editors at Lucianne.com add this sobering thought:More people were tortured and killed in the Newsweek riots than at GitmoHmmm. Abu Ghraib, too.Midnight. I'll let Baldilocks close this running post with one wry remark and a fine observation:The wry remark: Nice shooting, clowns.And the observation: Note to those who are blowing the intentions of the “religious right” out of proportion: if Christians were to riot the next time some so-called artist puts a crucifix in a buc … [Read more...]

The Death of Pop Culture; the Mighty are Fallen

John Podhoretz had an interesting column in Tuesday’s New York Post, remarking on the "mass-media meltdown" that is more apparent every day. He writes:He wrote,But it can't be a coincidence that the five major pillars of the American media movies, television, radio, recorded music and newspapers are all suffering at the same time. And it isn't. Something major has changed over the past year, as the availability of alternative sources of information and entertainment has finally reached … [Read more...]