We will correct ourselves promptly…but admitting nothing

That seems to be the new policy at the LA Times. Patterico has the story and you'll want to check back to see if the LA Times answers him...and what they make as their excuse. … [Read more...]

Kill the Medics, Kill the Journalists!

This seems to me like it oughta be a much bigger deal. Trey at Jackson's Junction brings us insurgents on video and they are pre-tty darned chilling.But, I guess if you are trying to portray the US military as the bad guys, (they mistreat prisoners, they target journalists!) you don't have the time or the inclination to show the real bad guys, unfiltered.No...let's just talk some more about Karl Rove and the fantasies of a disappointed left, Mr. Russert. THAT certainly matters. … [Read more...]

Betsy is making a New Mark

Arghghgghh! Okay, forgive the dreadful pun - I am just finally finding a bit of down time in a very busy day - and the first thing I wanted to do was connect you (if you have not seen it already) to this really well-done (and very fair) feature (the COVER STORY, no less) in the Washington Post magazine which brings together two intelligent female bloggers, Barbara O' Brian of Mahablog and Betsy Newmark of Betsy's Page.Writer David von Drehle had both women journey to Washington D.C. and … [Read more...]

So, in 1999 ABC agreed there was a connection…

Innnnnnteresting.Roger L. Simon links to an audio report from ABC news, circa 1999 - where the connections between Saddam and Osama, and Saddam's harboring of terrorists was all "understood..."UPDATE: Roger Simon has a tape you should listen to...broadcasts journalists doing in depth reporting on the connections between Osama and Saddam...and on how Iraq harbored terrorists.What was it that Bush said, after 9/11..."if you harbor terrorists..."Powerline links to ABC video reporting on the … [Read more...]

The Get-Bush-Scandal 12 Step Dance

Betsey Newmark has very cleverly thought through the process of an incipient "heh-heh-we've-got-Bush-now" Democrat/Media scandal, and she's broken them down into 12 easy steps:1. Something comes out in the press that looks terribly damaging.2. The media goes into overdrive hyping the story and focusing on it monomaniacally.3. The lefty bloggers start drooling in glee.4. Democratic politicians make somber, seemingly heartsick speeches denouncing the administration in increasingly … [Read more...]

Muslim beaten to death in UK

Help me out here...We're routinely told that Americans are intolerant people, we hear idiots like Julianne Malveaux proclaim that America is a terrorist country.And yet when 3000 of our were killed in a terrorist attack, mosques were not burned down. Muslims were not attacked on the street. no one was beaten to death.Americans are constantly being told they need to learn from their betters in Europe, though.I understand the anger and distrust these people have in England have, and it is … [Read more...]

I like Junkyard Dog’s thinking

Actually, I like his thinking, and the thinking of John Podhoretz, to whom he links. Podhoretz has an interesting theory:...what if the real object of interest where Fitzgerald's investigation is concerned is now none other than the jailed Judith Miller of the New York Times? What if she let it all slip and in the giant game of telephone around the nation's capital, Miller was the original source of the "Plame's in the CIA" info? What if Fitzgerald needs her notes to discern whether Miller … [Read more...]

Good economic news

Hmmm...tax revenues up - a lot. We see a 25% drop in the deficit. Unemployment down to 5%...why I remember when the press crowed that 5.6% unemployment was "full employment," but of course, that was in the 1990's when good news was allowed to be good news....an unexpected leap in tax revenue is about to shrink the federal budget deficit this year, by nearly $100 billion.It wasn't unexpected in all quarters.Not surprisingly, the NY Times could only find critics to quote on this story. … [Read more...]

Wealth Porn, Cognitive Dissonance and the Grey Lady

Dick Meyer has an excellent piece up at the CBS website, one of those, “finally-someone-put-into-words-what-I-have-been-thinking” sort of pieces that fling you back into your chair with a satisfied sigh and reassure you that you haven’t been merely imagining things.Every weekend I meander through the New York Times like a mildly ADHD-afflicted canine in Central Park, one who moves excitedly from plant to tree to park bench because there is just so much to sniff. And every weekend I finally cl … [Read more...]

“With respect,” my ass!

Note: This post has been amended for the sake of clarity.This is staggering disrespect from the press. Disrespect for the White House, its representatives and the military.The press, finally, has gone too far. They've crossed a line and revealed - completely and fully revealed - their utter contempt for the military, and their hatred for the president. My journalist friend calls it simple "arrogance."No, it's not "arrogance." It is hate. It is juvenile. It is mindless. It is … [Read more...]