“…have better things to do than be my own news service…”

One of the two or three streaks of light on our horizon can be perceived in this: that the moral breakdown of these papers has been accompanied by a mental breakdown also. The contemporary official paper, like the "DailyNews" or the "Daily Chronicle" (I mean in so far as it deals with politics), simply cannot argue; and simply does not pretend to argue. It considers the solution which it imagines that wealthy people want, and it signifies the same in the usual manner; which is not by holding up … [Read more...]

Quick! Bring another stick with which to pummel Bush!

Instapundit nails it:Katrina taught the media that if they all swarmed Bush at once they could do harm even if -- as turned out to be the case -- much of what they reported was outright false. I've noticed a lot more of that since. The Bush Administration is quite capable of making its own trouble with PR -- see the ports issue, for example -- but it's also quite clear that the media is doing this sort of thing for entirely partisan reasons. [...] The news is that the port-deal publicity is … [Read more...]


CBS's latest poll shows President Bush's approval rating at an all-time low, which is really not surprising given the enormous hype of Cheney-gate followed immediately by the "what is he nuts" story of the UAE buying control of some of our ports from the English. (Full Disclosure: I was one of the critics until Buster set me thinking...).Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO was quick to notice the weighting issue that she suggested made the poll a "dirty" one.Note the respective numbers of Republicans … [Read more...]

The Unsinkable Michelle

As I noted here, Michelle Malkin's site was attacked yesterday and down for most of the day. She is clearly under fire for taking strong stands for free speech and against tyranny, and for showing steely resolve.While the Boston Globe is Didn't work, though. Girlfriend called the FBI and her Tech support folks and she's back at it today. I hear that old Tom Petty song playing in the background: I Won't Back Down! She sounds cheeful, resolute and loaded for bear, too.God bless her - she's … [Read more...]

Chilling tick of an ominous clock UPDATED

Sigmund has a very interesting post, here on dhimmitude, free speech, the press and what it all really meant when a Norwegian editor apologized to the Muslim world and Sweden went even further. Actually, in reading this, you even get a sense of what it FELT like, when these things occured. It felt creepy. It feels creepy to read, too, but read it you must. It is hard to excerpt, but I will, to tempt you:"...on February 10, in Oslo, came a dramatic capitulation that seemed a classic case of … [Read more...]

Mama, We’re all Rushdies now! – UPDATED

So we're all Rushdies now, like it or not? Perhaps. If one cannot draw Muhammad without editors fearing the mob in the lobby, then it's only a matter of time before the idea seeps into the heads of cartoonists everywhere. It's simply not worth it; who needs the aggravation? Who needs the meetings with the community groups, the mandatory sensitivity training, the sinking feeling of finding your picture on a placard in a London protest, next to the sign that says "BEHEAD THOSE WHO ACCUSE US OF … [Read more...]

“Feed Me,” cried the plant, er, press

I missed this the other day but seeing it now, I had to share it with you - Michael Geer writing in The American Thinker.By the mid 1980s I was fairly sure that the news was canned, delivered by press release to city desks, managing editors and producers. I labeled this pervasive technique News By Press Release. I proved my thesis one afternoon by popping into PR Newswire’s downtown Denver office. I slid four hundred words across the counter along with a one hundred dollar bill. No editing, n … [Read more...]

Ambrose gets last word on 2 Veeps

This is a good piece by Jay Ambrose, detailing the manner in which the press overreported birdshotgate and underreported Al Gore's lies to Saudi Arabia.He makes a few good points, not the least of which is why the hell DIDN'T Scott McClellen simply say to David Gregory, "You know, Dave, did you ever stop to think that the man was simply shaken up after shooting a good friend?"And yes, the fact that Al Gore could simply LIE about the "terrible abuses of Muslims after 9/11" (You know, what … [Read more...]

It’s satire! I think!

Maureen Martin has a new news policy from CNNRings true to me. … [Read more...]

US Anthem MISSING from NBC’s Olympic Coverage

Am I the only one offended by this? Maybe I am, but it's really starting to pickle my nerves!I noted here that NBC seemed to be going out of its way to make sure that the end of each broadcast evening ended with ANY national anthem but our own. Candian anthems? Check. Russian anthems? Sure! But except for a chintzy 13 note anthem recap at the top of the re-broadcast, you can't find a flower-holding American gold medalist standing in pride as his or her anthem plays - not for love or … [Read more...]