So, the French video was FAKED? More Press In-Credibility

With a hattip once again to Betsy's Page I have to shake my head at this story. French TV Allegedly Using Threats to Avert Fraud ProbeBy Eva CorrespondentJanuary 13, 2005Paris ( - French state-owned television is using what some call intimidation and threatened libel lawsuits to quiet calls for an investigation of TV images that showed the alleged shooting of a Palestinian boy by Israeli soldiers in 2000.The video from the TV channel France 2 has become famous around … [Read more...]

File under “damned if you do or don’t”

I've been reading several stupid pieces like this one. Apparently all the ususal suspects and spoilsports are suggesting that President Bush should dramatically scale down his inauguration. Billionaire Mark Cuban, who clearly doesn't have enough to do owning the Dallas Mavericks, has been singing this song for a week or more on his blog: As a country, we face huge deficits. We face a declining economy. We have service people dying. We face responsibilities to help those suffering from the ... … [Read more...]

Fineman reaches but doesn’t get the brass ring

I'll give Howard Fineman points for trying, mostly because I have a soft spot for Fineman. That schoolboy hair, the studious glasses, you just want to bring him home and give him a bowl of soup with crackers.But the man doesn't get it. Writing about Rathergate, and its effect on the mainstream media, he correctly identifies his industry as a political party in demise, but immediately blows it by reversing the order of this party's destroyers:A political party is dying before our eyes — and I … [Read more...]

Dan Rather’s rather lame response. Courage.

January 11, 2005TO : All CBS News ColleaguesThe panel report is part of a process – a necessary process to deal with a difficult issue – at the end of which four good people have lost their jobs. My strongest reaction is one of sadness and concern for those individuals whom I know and with whom I have worked. It would be a shame if we let this matter, troubling as it is, obscure their dedication and good work over the years.Yet good can come from this process if CBS News, and the hundreds of … [Read more...]

Moonves Memo to CBS – Interesting Reading

TO: All CBS employeesFROM: Leslie MoonvesDATE: January 10, 2005On September ­­22, 2004, we asked an Independent Panel to find out what went wrong in the development, preparation and aftermath of the September 8th broadcast, on 60 Minutes Wednesday, concerning President George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard. Today, those findings have been issued, and may be found on I would now like to offer CBS's thoughts on the comprehensive report issued today by … [Read more...]

Prophets of Perpetual Pessimism

I like this blurb by Roger Simon wherein he links to this excellent analysis re the propensity of the press, most particularly the ever execrable NY Times, to kill stories that offer hopeful or positive outlooks in favor of the usual dreary, cynical, pessimistic, nihilistic and depressing crap they usually serve up.The analysis is by one Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, who is a Professor of Psychology at U Pennsylvania, the founder of the field of Positive Psychology, and the author of 21 books … [Read more...]

The NY Times Cannot be Trusted with Numbers

Or, apparently, with simple things like DATES. Check this out, it's really deplorable:Tigerhawk takes a minute to actually look at the analysis of the post-election stock market surge and notes that through selectivity, the Times manages to underplay the staggering rise in the DJIA...that its growth is actually 47% higher than the Times claims. 47%!Oh...and, did you know that Harry Truman was elected president in 1944 and Teddy Roosevelt was elected in 1900? Really! Whaddya mean, I'm wrong, it's … [Read more...]

Sharpshooter Bloggers wounding the press troops

This wonderful bit of satire by Rand Simberg gives a much-needed laugh at the state of modern journalism...although I wonder if he didn't let them off too easy. I especially enjoyed this:For some, though, perhaps death would be kinder. One man, by the name of Robert, had to have so many false assumptions, invalid premises, and logical fallacies removed that there was little left. They couldn't excise the last vestiges of self loathing--to do so would have left him with nothing at all. Now, he … [Read more...]

Rathergate report still not released

This is becoming a little bit like the old SNL line, "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead." The CBS internal report regarding the fake - no, not forged, but FAKE - ANG "memoes" with which poor old Dan Rather was hoping to completely destroy Presidnt Bush's re-election campaign, is STILL unreleased.This was the report that was going to be released "sooner, rather than later." Glad I didn't hold my breath. Anyway, Tom Shales, over at the Washington Post gets just plain foolish as he tries … [Read more...]

Wait, we’re really not liberal! We’re just like you! Wink, wink.

Can't help but notice what appears to be a co-ordinated effort by liberal folks to sidle up to the red staters and say, "psssst, lissen, we're not so bad! We're not as liberal as you think! We've got kids! We've got the same values as you!"There were a few yesterday that I didn't get to blog and have since forgotten, but today I note this one and this one. (Hattip: They're just like us conservatives! They're simply, as the second writer states, "The GOOD Kind of … [Read more...]

To whom much is given, SOMETHING is expected

I hadn't planned on writing about Maureen Dowd again, but I just have to say this: Had I the valuable spot of journalistic real estate she possesses, I hope I would do everything I could to use that space to inform, instruct, admonish and (at my best) uplift. I believe I would try always to edify my profession, my background and yes, even my ideology. To do less would be so wasteful, and so embarrassing.I would not phone in such pernicious drivel as this unwitty, childish "parody" that would not … [Read more...]

Props when they are due…

A pal who is connected to CBS is bemoaning that the right wing bloggers, so quick to castigate the network when they deserve it - and let's face it, they often do - are never as quick to give a little praise when it may be appropriate. He wrote, "This is something I find annoying... They cannot wait to rip us apart when we go against their grain, but they never stop to call attention to things they approve of. Last night's piece by David Martin on the wounded of Falluja healing at home, and … [Read more...]

A Network Newswriter is Reading the Wall…

"I feel," says one of my network news-writer friends as he observes his associates in full pre-election hustle, "like I am in India during the last days of the British Empire. We're sipping tea and admiring those quaint little brown people pulling our rickshaws, not quite realizing they are about to overthrow us."The networks, it seems, are feeling a momentum shift. Not toward Kerry. Or toward them.Comes the Day of the Blogger. … [Read more...]

The press continues to block my view of Kerry

Had a chat with a person from Australia who insists that Kerry will be a better president than Bush, although he admits that he cannot tell me anything Kerry has done in the last 20 years that suggests he would be good presidential material or - more importantly - CIC material. "Elections are about the incumbent," he insisted, "if the incumbent has done a good job, you retain him; if he has done poorly, you fire him."Well.Firstly...I just can't understand how anyone can say they have no idea … [Read more...]