Aw, Helen, be logical! Try!

Gateway Pundit has links to a great chat between Hugh Hewitt and Helen Thomas (as transcribed by Radioblogger.Hugh asks Helen a question that demands a reasonable answer, and she cannot bring herself to answer it:HT: Do you care you care whether a president says there are weapons of mass destruction that can destroy you, destroy us in 45 minutes?HH: But Helen, did you think that he knew going in that they weren't there?HT: Yes.HH: And so you do think he lied going it? He … [Read more...]

“Rich Republicans” and “Democrats”

I was feeling testy yesterday and - having read some article that called poor, bird-shot riddled Mr. Whittington a "millionaire Republican" - wrote to a "professional journalist" pal and asked him, "why is it that a wealthy Republican is always a 'wealthy' Republican or a 'millionaire' Republican, while a Democrat - no matter how filthy rich - is always simply a 'Democrat.'"His answer: I dunno.A few hours later, he emailed back with this: I googled “wealthy democrats” and got 965 responses. … [Read more...]

Cronkite, Chappaquiddick and a Snorkel

You'll have to go here to understand. … [Read more...]

Bush and the African American Museum

This is a surprise. I read lots of news, and I know I never heard of it. Kudos to Eleanor Clift for an even-handed column in which she looks at the funeral of Coretta Scott King and then tells us all something we did not know: it was Dubya who got the legislation going (stalled since 1988) for the African American Museum.Bush deserves credit for sitting through it all despite the awkward moments and remaining good-natured and even eloquent in his eulogy. That evening he welcomed the Harlem … [Read more...]

Just like Atticus Finch!

"Atticus don't ever do anything to Jem and me in the house that he don't do in the yard," I said, feeling it my duty to defend my parent."Gracious, child, I was raveling a thread, [said Miss Maudie] wasn't even thinking about your father, but now that I am I'll say this: Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets. How'd you like some fresh poundcake to take home?" To Kill A Mockingbird, Chap. VCaptain Ed Morrissey shares a secret about George W. … [Read more...]

Google/Current casts a jaundiced eye at Malkin

While it's still running you might want to check it out.Google, in association with Al Gore's Current broadcast, seems to go out of its way to make sure everyone takes a notion away from the piece that Michelle is eyebrow-raisingly extreme and "ridiculous." And there is a vaguely insinuation that the blogosphere is hypocritical.Also in the piece is Andrew Sullivan's shrewd observation that the press seems more interested in being moral arbiter than a disseminators of … [Read more...]

Who needs a security program, anyway? – UPDATED

Not when there is a president the press wants to take down.Let's start with the one thing we know for sure about the Bush administration's program to listen to al Qaeda's phone calls into and out of the United States: It's dead.After all the publicity of the past two weeks, does anyone think that the boys working on plans for Boston Harbor, the Golden Gate Bridge or Chicago's Loop are still chatting by phone? If the purpose of the public exposure was to pull the plug on the pre-emptive … [Read more...]

NY Times illustrates cartoon story

Faced with an ethical dilemma, the New York Times has chosen to illustrate a report on the so-called Cartoon Wars with an image which is offensive to some with religious sensibilities.The picture they have chosen is Chris Ofili's portrait of of the Virgin Mary, painted with elephant dung.Can't you just see editors scurrying around, dithering on this one?Editor A: What to do...this story is HUGE, and by any ethical journalistic standard, we should be showing our readers what the fuss is … [Read more...]

The economy roars, why don’t we know it?

I love to read freelance writer Meg Kreikemeier because she is an educated, professional woman who, while choosing to stay raise her kids, still manages to write excellent pieces like thisSo where were the glowing headlines about the economy?A perusal the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune in late November and through mid-December revealed that almost all of these positive economic trends were found not in the headlines but on pages two or later in the business section.The New York … [Read more...]

One article, two fiskings.

Both Confederate Yankee and Tom Maguire took time to fisk Adam Nagourney's rather hilarious piece in today's NY Times, entitled, Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities.Isn't that a great headline? It's right up there today's other NY Times observations: West Beginning to See Islamic Protests as Sign of Deep Gulf.This is our intelligensia today, folks. Kinda maybe sniffing that their party ain't doing so well, and...gee, you know...maybe there is something to what some have been … [Read more...]