Protecting Oneself from an Untrustworthy Press

The NY Times sent reporter David Kirkpatrick to interview Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput on his remarks concerning what Catholics should consider regarding both the teachings of the church and their own consciences, before casting a vote for a candidate.In other words, the bishop was tending to his flock. He is charged to do this in season and out. Even if it's an election year.But this particular shepherd is also a bit of a fox, and he was smart enough and savvy enough to understand that the … [Read more...]

Michael Kelly and David Bloom deserve better from their profession

So, there I was, two days away from news, battling the mother of all stomach flus. I will spare you the details, although none spared me, and I come back to the keyboard to find that the mainstream press has finally co-ordinated their perspectives on the Kerry/Swiftvets story.Apparently, they've decided that they needn't ask Kerry anything at all about fitness reports, after action reports, medal citations signed some years after they were issued. Nah. They aren't even going to discuss the Kerry … [Read more...]