Playing the Catholic card AND the Gay Card?

I noticed this yesterday on Ann Althouse's blog and I was really hoping it would just go away, that we wouldn't have to see the Democrats and some on the left once again bring themselves to the edge of something truly ugly by playing the "gay, gay, gay" card. But I should have known better. And this time, the left is going to really out-do itself, by the way, because they're not only going to whisper "gay," as they do often, they're going to do it while playing the Catholic card. That's … [Read more...]

A “screw abstinence” party. The mind reels

Ah, the perpetual adolescents are at it again.An affiliate of one of the nation's leading abortion-rights groups is taking a hard-edged swipe at cultural conservatives by inviting young donors to a "Screw Abstinence Party."The Washington-state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America says the first-of-its-kind fund-raiser tomorrow night in Seattle targets young professionals in their 20s and 30s.A promo for the event says: "Tired of Bush & Co. spending your tax dollars on … [Read more...]

No, they will NEVER grow up

I'm introducing a new category, called The Perpetual Adolescents, and in that catagory we will discuss the stubborn refusal of some - not all, of course - but some parts of the left to grow up.In the category we will include all of the aging schoolgirl columnists (bless Mark Steyn, forever, for that description).And we'll also include some things like this:WARNING: THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS THE "F" WORD. DO NOT READ IF IT WILL OFFEND.It's one of those cafepress sites, where cyberfolk … [Read more...]

How sadly adolescent. How High School.

Margaret Carlson deserves a good fisking for this childish, petulant and immature waste of space, but I haven't the energy. Writing about the never-ending story of Laura Bush's appearance at the WH correspondent's dinner (because the members of the press are both too lazy to find other stories and too stuck in a hate spiral to move on) Carlson kvetches about how horrifically dull the event usually is (I remember no such whining during the Clinton years) and then goes into her … [Read more...]

Tina Brown: Our Lady of the Air Kiss

I don't know when I have read a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck than Tina Brown's latest column in the Washington Post, Reverence Gone Up In Smoke.Sigh...what a disappointment for Tina and her pals - amid all of that glorious color and pomp of a papal funeral and a conclave, the solemn beauty of the chant, the whole mystical and mysterious sense of Other - they'd become attracted, mildly so, but attracted, nevertheless, to the whole … [Read more...]

To defeat the church, foment hatred of Benedict

Jonah Goldberg makes an excellent point:But my guess is that won't be happening any time soon, and not just because Ratzinger's the new pope. Some believe there is a radical left wing in the Catholic Church that seeks to unravel the teachings of John Paul II, but this is an exaggeration of the Western - particularly, the American - press. The notion that you could find any cardinal eager to change church policy on abortion, for example, is simply a fantasy concocted by liberal journalists. … [Read more...]

Heartening homily of those willing to hear it

Benedict XVI's first homily as pope is a good opportunity for those who are certain the world is ending to take heart.He specified some of the top priorities of his papacy: the promotion of the unity of Christians and a commitment to ecumenism, the continued dialogue with other religions and the fulfillment of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.Speaking in Latin, as is customary, in the brightly frescoed Sistine Chapel, where he was elected only a day before, the former Cardinal … [Read more...]

No Honeymoon for Benedict XVI

It seems a shame, really. The man hadn't been pope for two hours when the lefty blogs went (literally) profane and disgraceful (and - of course - adolescent) and the press was hardlining their memes and caricatures of him.Benedict XVI, it seems, is a relentless and remorseless hard-ass who takes-no-prisoners and wields a clumsy and undiplomatic sword, cutting a path of hard-hearted destruction no matter where he goes, and he will be a disaster for the church, and oppressor of women, gays, … [Read more...]

Joseph, Yesterday and Benedict, Today

Yesterday, Cardinal Ratzinger closed his very Christ-centered homily thusly:We live out our ministry in this way, as a gift of Christ to humanity! But at this time, above all, we pray with insistence to the Lord, so that after the great gift of Pope John Paul II, he again gives us a pastor according to his own heart, a pastor who guides us to knowledge in Christ, to his love and to true joy. Amen.Today, Pope Benedict XVI opened his papacy thusly:"I am consoled by the fact that the Lord … [Read more...]