Prayer is ruining me for blogging…

SourcebookI love my oratory. It's so nice, so restful, so mine. Going there to pray every day ("going there;" it's on the other side of my desk) just...shapes the whole day.But it's really playing hell with my blogging and the direction of the blog.I mean, here's my morning: I shower, get dressed, wrap the towel around my wet head (hey, it's a handy headcoving!) and then go to my oratory. I light tea candles, one before each Icon, one before the Crucifix, one before my little pewter … [Read more...]

The shadow of the jackboot…

I have only just begun to read news about The Ghastly Mrs. Pelosi's machinations, or the single-mindedness of the president who flinches at the slightest criticism but seems not to care about the CIC part of his job, and the passing of the monster bill, and also about some of the troubling rumbles coming out of Europe. While reading, I had the overwhelming image of the shadow of a jackboot, poised just above our nation.Socialism is an opportunistic infection of the body politic. It occurs … [Read more...]

The World’s Tiniest Hair Shirt…

Brown ScapularMy husband was noticed a brown cord peeking out from the neckline of my shirt and asked, "what's that?"Oops. Caught. "It's a brown scapular," I admitted."That's like, hardcore fanatical Catholic stuff, isn't it," he asked. "When did you start wearing that?"He wasn't being critical, exactly. My husband is a tolerant sort, and if a person wants to practice a lot of devotions that he doesn't feel particularly called to, that's alright by him. But he did seem a … [Read more...]

Office of Readings; Bliss

I've focused a lot about Morning Prayer and Vespers in my writing, as evidenced by the podcasts, and I have certainly loved praying the Hours out of my Christian Prayer Breviary for the past ten years.I used the breviary to pray all of the hours, of course, but Vigils (or, what is now called the Office of Readings - OOR) was limited therein. Some years ago I had bought the full 4 volume set of the Liturgy of the Hours (used, for a great price) but I'd never used the set because I thought I … [Read more...]

Faith Tears and Joy

A reader, responding to The Ancient of Days, wrote"This week my [prayer group is praying for someone having surgery]. We have each committed to a day of prayer for her. Mine was yesterday. It is not my habit, but I have prayed the Rosary at times of mourning and times of dire need. Yesterday, as I prayed the last decade I experienced very much the same thing your writer revealed. I wept feeling so loved and so grateful for it. Later, I thought to myself, I have not cried as much in my … [Read more...]

"Professional Pray-er"

I know many people who love the Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series of novels, including Julie at Happy Catholic, whose recommendations are always worth taking, but I have been so enthralled with Terry Pratchett's Discword series, I'd neglected Harry Dresden. Harry Dresden is a Wizard, and his office door reads:Harry Dresden - Wizard Lost Items Found, Paranormal Investigations. Consulting, Advice, Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other EntertainmentYesterday, in … [Read more...]

I like this vid & link-around

Like this video which I found at Deacon Greg's Place, which I hope you peek in on every day!Do you remember when you were a kid, and you'd want to bring a book with you to supper, and your mother would yell at you to get the book off the table and then give you an Irish love-tap with the back of her left hand so that your head would snap back and hit the wall, and the wedding band would leave a mark on your forehead?No? Oh. That's how I remember it! Anyway...I knew there was a reason I … [Read more...]

Should I pray before an abortion clinic?

Had an email exchange with a reader who calls herself Owl in the Ruins, and given that we both feel like we're being nudged to "do more," I reprint much of it here, with her kind permission:Dear Anchoress, I just saw you on In the Area talking about blogs. ... I think it's sweet that Fr. K has so much faith in the fact checking mechanisms in newspapers.I am considering doing something tomorrow that I think I'm supposed to do, but, if I could get a clear message not to, I would be happy. A … [Read more...]

A Recovery Party? Random Chills, Thrills & Myths

Comrades, it's difficult to keep up, but the mandatory service requirement requires that you try. The oxymoronic thing passed in the Senate. It passed by a healthy margin.Yesterday a thoughtful young 24 year old whom I have known since he was about 10 or 11 sent along this piece about California regulating car colors, and I wrote back - feeling a little bit like King Arthur in the last scene of Camelot, "someday you will tell your children about the mythical land of America, where people … [Read more...]

Rosary Podcast: Luminous Mysteries

Here is the Podcast of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, which are ordinarily prayed on Thursdays in Ordinary Time, but as with any of the mysteries, you can pray whichever one the Spirit is leading you to pray.Many Catholics have difficulty remembering the Luminous Mysteries as they are fairly new - instituted by Pope John Paul II.Moving on from the infancy and the hidden life in Nazareth to the public life of Jesus, our contemplation brings us to those mysteries which may be called in … [Read more...]