"A pure gift…not a trophy."

A truly terrific videoI especially love the words of Archbishop Timothy Dolan, "This is a pure gift from God, and not an earned trophy. . .His grace lifts up our nature."A simple-sounding yet profound mystery. And what he says about the priestly vocation is true for all of our vocations, including the vocation of marriage, the vocation of the single life, even the vocation of the "necessary other," called to live in an altogether different way than most, with a great deal of … [Read more...]

St. Catherine’s Sons and Daughters

"If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire" - St. Catherine of SienaSt. Catherine of Siena - one of my all-time favorite saints. She was not -as many believe- a professed nun of the Order of St. Dominic (Order of Preachers) but rather what we would today call a "lay" Dominican, like our new friend Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati.She was a woman who bucked every trend of her time, and dared to write to a pope, telling him what he must do: "Be a manly man..." she exhorted … [Read more...]

Technical Difficulties…The Rosary Podcasts

I am getting the oddest variety of emails. Many, many good wishes from people who appreciate First Things and agree with me that I'm privileged to be part of it; a few people who liked me better as a lone wolf and don't know if they'll come around too often, and a lot of really angry folks looking for specific pieces they want to read on a Friday night and a bit miffed that they can't find them. "Why are you doing this," they're yelling, "I liked it better the old way!"I feel a little bit … [Read more...]

New York; We have a Pastor in Tim Dolan!

Yes, he is larger-than-life; gregarious, accessible, open, friendly, warm, charming, engaging...Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan is all those things.Dolan kisses his crosier, signaling his acceptance of the Shepherd's burdenBut as he showed us in his barnburner of a homily just now, Dolan is afire with the love of Christ. When the time for jokes and camaraderie has past, he speaks of Christ and his spouse the Church with a direct, steely-eyed mien, and he shows himself as fearsome, fervent … [Read more...]

Archbishop Dolan talks to the NY Press

Video hereFirst question from the press - predictably - "are you going to be an agent of "change" for the people of New York?"Sheesh. They really don't get it. The video is well-worth watching. Take your measure of the man who will be the Bishop of "the capital of the world." He dares to talk about "the supernatural family of the church." Good.Dolan penned a column for the Daily News and tell us, "I am to be a happy bishop". Good for him, and for us.If you get a chance, try to … [Read more...]

Welcome Archbishop Dolan!

Archbishop Dolan Knocks, as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton looks on (shamelessly cribbed from Rocco)“I was at the vespers when he was installed as bishop [of Milwaukee]. And there’s a part where the bishop knocks on the door. Most do it timidly. Tap, tap. Not him — ‘Bang! Bang!’ It echoed through the cathedral and let everyone know that Timothy Dolan was there.” –Rev. Steven M. Avella, history professor at Marquette.In keeping with his apparent habit, Archbishop Timothy Dolan knocked resoundingly la … [Read more...]

Timothy Dolan for NY – UPDATED

An Epistle in a Picture, (H/T)And so, at the close of the rather distant and disappointing tenure of Cardinal Edward Egan, New York finally gets an Archbishop who might be called the "worthy successor" to the Mighty John Joseph O' Connor, one Timothy Michael Dolan of MilwaukeeI love this quote, highlighted by Deacon Greg:“I was at the vespers when he was installed as bishop. And there’s a part where the bishop knocks on the door. Most do it timidly. Tap, tap. Not him — ‘Bang! Bang!’ It echo … [Read more...]