Pope, Condom, TSA & Crucifix – UPDATED

With a title like that, what else could I be talking about but my Tuesday column:I had been driven to the crucifix because I had become overwhelmed with the media/internet cacophony that had followed L’Osservatore Romano’s weekend revelation of Pope Benedict XVI’s thoughts on the use of condoms in certain situations, and by the uproar over newly put-in-place TSA regulations on pre-flight searches and pat-downs.In both cases, reactions were swift, and they varied according to agendas but fe … [Read more...]

The Picture of the Day:

So, it looks like a head-covered TSA worker is physically patting down a nun.The Drudge Headline: "The Terrorists Have Won!"Patrick Madrid wonders about it.This seems inefficient and needlessly invasive to me. I don't think Israel puts all of its fliers through this much grief before they may travel. Maybe we should study their methods? I mean, I certainly understand why we do what we do. I'm just thinking we should be able to do better than this.Or this.It's worth mentioning, I … [Read more...]