To defeat the church, foment hatred of Benedict

Jonah Goldberg makes an excellent point:But my guess is that won't be happening any time soon, and not just because Ratzinger's the new pope. Some believe there is a radical left wing in the Catholic Church that seeks to unravel the teachings of John Paul II, but this is an exaggeration of the Western - particularly, the American - press. The notion that you could find any cardinal eager to change church policy on abortion, for example, is simply a fantasy concocted by liberal journalists. … [Read more...]

Indulge The Anchoress’ “inner gay man” for a moment!

Regular readers of The Anchoress would be very surprised to learn this about me: I adore looking at gorgeous clothes.I don't especially crave ownership. My closet is unimaginative. Lots of Benedictine black and white, some denim, one great grey gown I wore to a brother's wedding. I hate to shop, and it never occurs to me that I might need more than one pair of shoes (black) and one pair of sneakers. But I do own a red organza dress that could only be worn by a 20 year old...and yes, I have hung … [Read more...]

Playing to the cameras; a theory about why

In response to my revealing my utter disinterest in growing the blog much beyond "playful primate" status or getting this Irish mug on camera somewhere, Dirty Harry has written a very funny personal confession (and some nice remarks in between the laughs).But you know, it is a very interesting thing, to consider how others reacted to my being contacted by the BBC. The assumption that everyone made was, "well of COURSE you'd want to be part of that - anyone would..."But would anyone? And why? Why … [Read more...]