Where No One Stands Alone…

Since the movie trailer, I haven't been able to get this one out of my head. The Peasall sisters have a haunting, paradoxically lovely and lonely harmony.Once I stood in the night with my head bowed low In the darkness as black as the sea And my heart was afraid and I cried, Oh Lord, don't hide your face from me.Hold my hand all the way, every hour, every day From here to the great unknown Take my hand, let me stand Where no one stands alone.Like a king, I may live in a palace so … [Read more...]

True Grit; One Awesome Trailer

I admit, when I heard True Grit was going to be remade, I was uninterested. Then I heard Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges, and got curious.Then I watched this:Read about it here.This trailer is good too, and the music is haunting.Is that the Peasall Sisters, singing? Seems it is.Why do I get the feeling that T. Bone Burnett is producing the soundtrack, and that it's going to be freaking awesome?And of course, now we gotta listen to Mr. Cash. … [Read more...]

A Splendid Rant on Boomers!

Barbara R. Nicolosi, Slayer of BoomersAnd today we enter Week 4 of Patheo's summer-long look at the Future of Religion; The Future of Catholicism.Mainline Protestants, you're next, then Evangelicals, then Mormons, and so forth.I can't say I have had much to do with putting the "Catholic" week together, as I have only started working over there these past weeks, while this effort has been in the works, but I think Patheos has put together a pretty provocative group of essays on the subject, … [Read more...]

Ringo Starr & the All-Starr Band

So last night my husband used a birthday present and dragged me out, kicking and screaming, to a small local music theater on Long Island to see Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band.Where we proceeded to have a great time.The 2010 version of the band consists of Ringo, Wally Palmer of the Romantics, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, Richard Page and Gregg Bissonette, and if you are inclined to think it a pathetic gathering of middle-aged (and um, older) washed-up has-beens making a … [Read more...]

What's wrong with Jaden Smith? Nothing

Having enjoyed Jaden Smith's performance in The Pursuit of Happyness, (a film I liked very much) but uninterested in his current flick, The Karate Kid I had somehow missed the pop-controversy over whether or not young Jaden is a likable kid, or a brat.He seems quite alright, to me. In fact, the kid seems better than alright; he may be that Hollywood creature so rarely-seen-in-public, the product of a happy childhood. Jaden Smith strikes me as an intelligent and mannerly kid who spends the … [Read more...]

Derivative Lady Gaga – UPDATED

Lady Gaga, reclining on a slant board in her underwear and a shawl, casts off a wire-mesh face mask that has begun to bore her. As the closing strains of the Alejandro playback fade out, she addresses her nameless flunkies and bodyguardsDarlings! Why aren't you looking at me? I am in my underwear again. Doesn't that stimulate you and shock you? Are you not provoked? Be provoked, damn you! I am a f*****g genius, am I not? Give me that Groucho nose and glasses, I can't stand my face. … [Read more...]

Obama & the Press: Voices Carry – POLL

Noting that the press seems torn between being justifiably angry at President Obama for his dismissive attitude toward them (and his disinterest in press conferences and "transparencies") and their instinct to lay down, roll over and let him rub their bellies while they pant, Allahpundit remarks: this relationship is the definition of co-dependency, isn’t it?Well, yes, we've pretty much established that the White House press corps and most of the mainstream media are the well-paid equivalent o … [Read more...]

Retreat Day For Me and Thee -UPDATED

Have you had enough?I have. I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like The Great Unread, like I am the mutt who cannot pass muster with the pedigrees.Well, okay, I am a mutt. But I'm God's Own Mutt, and quite privileged.Yes, I am privileged to write for a modest living, which is so much better than having to manage an office, for one. So, before I start giving in to the "why do I bother, no one reads me," ego-roasting and self-indulgent megrims (which quickly lead to acedia) I'll do … [Read more...]

Joshua fought the battle…

How incredibly great is this?Via Msgr. Charles Pope, who was writing on Creative Genius and Music as Onomatopoeia. There are some great videos in the comments section, too. … [Read more...]

Giftedness and Othersight

"Ephphatha" by the wonderful artist, Nathan-BrownLinking you to two sites because you need to go see them yourself, rather than getting excerpts. Both of them reinforce a point I tried but failed to make a while back, about the use of art, and why it must be nurtured, valued and supported. Artists see things the rest of us do not. By "othersight" I don't mean anything occultic. I simply mean the view of the inmost being -which I suspect brings us into a kind of commonality- brought forward … [Read more...]