Who do you trust?

Whom to trust? The public is angry at big finance on Wall Street, whose greed and recklessness helped to cause the panic that tore holes through retirement accounts. It is angrier at a big spending, big regulating government that started the mess with its warping of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (It is as if we asked a heroin dealer to help wean an addict off his habit.) The public was angry with Bush, and is becoming even angrier, more quickly with Obama.The people wanted tight-fisted sobriety … [Read more...]

Advent: Bailey, Roarke and Us

One of the best things about this season is that, invariably, someone writes about It's A Wonderful Life, and muses on the complex, sometimes dark character of George Bailey.Portrayed so perfectly by the perpetually likable James Stewart, it is easy to miss the fact that George Bailey is not a simple and good-natured cornpone from upstate New York; he is a man whose heart and faith are essential to him, because they balance out a real bitterness that shows itself in little ways. A man who … [Read more...]

A gifted young filmmaker

Longtime readers may recall my linking to the film shorts written and directed by Joe Gleason, a film student out of Notre Dame. I have a particular and lasting fondness for his film The Dinner Guest, (found via Fausta who called it "a wonderful combination of familiarity and yearning.”)I loved The Dinner Guest so much -and it resonated so deeply with those who viewed it- that I was happy to also link to Gleason's The Hospital Ward, which is very different.I've never met Gleason, but I t … [Read more...]

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

I know we're in Advent, (my latest Advent reflection is here) and -for me, anyway- nothing captures the sense of longing and urgent anticipation of this season than O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I also like O Come, Divine Messiah very much. Some of you may remember I vocally murdered it on one of my Advent Podcasts from last year.But I think my three favorite Christmas Songs are Angels We Have Heard on High, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (I am partial to the French Carols) and, finally, We … [Read more...]

2012 Review With Spoilers

Very entertaining talk on why the new film 2012 is not worth spending a dime on, at least from my perspective. Fr. Robert Barron calls it "anti-religious" and "anti-Catholic," although among people of faith Buddhists are allowed to be good people who live (there you go, Joseph, you'll outlive me!).He has a good time tearing apart Roland Emmerich's movie -where anyone who prays dies- and the irony he discusses at the end is particularly amusing. Enjoy … [Read more...]

Palin Press: Putzes in Print

Love Sarah Palin or not, one has to admit the press is so undone by her that they are both aggressive and passive-aggressive in their hate, and they betray themselves continually in all sorts of ways. They betray their snobbism; they betray their spitefulness, and most emphatically, they betray the fact that our "fourth estate" is populated mostly by perpetual adolescents.Our press, with a few exceptions, is largely made up of people who, at age 14, decided they were sophisticates who knew … [Read more...]

Driscoll vs NY Times & other fun things

This is really very good. Head over to Pajamas Media and take a look at Ed Driscoll laying out how hap-hap-happy the NY Times has always been to celebrate the state, and statism.I do love to see alternative media bite the ankles of the media establishment, particularly these days, when a paper like the Washington Post can publish something as lazy, cliche-ridden and vapid as this so-called "review" call it "journalism."But I'm just in a cranky mood about that execrable "review" and the fact … [Read more...]

Four Amusing Links – UPDATED

UPDATE: Okay, call it FIVE amusing links, thanks to IowahawkFirst up: Mark Steyn had me guffawing over my cornflakes this morning with this one:The Senior Advisor [Valerie Jarrett] seems to have forgotten that she is the power. Admittedly, this is a recurring lapse on the part of the administration. There was Barack Obama only the other day blaming everything on the president — no, no, silly, not him, the other fellow, the Designated Fall Guy who stepped down as head of state in January to a … [Read more...]

Pelosi's Bunker Mentality

Barack Obama seems content to let Nancy Pelosi do whatever she wants. I guess he's the campaign guy and she's the actual govern-er? Clearly, he holds neither himself nor his partner, The Pelosi, to these promises which were, after all...just words.So, a few hours ago, I read this:As Steny Hoyer talks, a Republican aide reports that: "Dems are blocking access to their press conference. There is a list, and if you're not on it, you can't get through." The aide points out: "This is a … [Read more...]

Would he piss on an image of Obama?

Larry David found comedy fodder in piety on the latest episode of his series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm.'On the show's most recent installment, which aired Sunday, David urinates on a painting of Jesus Christ, causing a woman to believe the painting depicts Jesus crying. ... During Sunday's episode, David, who created, wrote and produced "Seinfeld," visits a bathroom in his assistant's home and splatters urine on a picture of Jesus. Instead of wiping it off, David leaves the restroom. Minutes … [Read more...]