Our freezing summer makes me gripe

It's freezing here; we can't swim, can't have the windows open. Every day is cold. It just convinces me more than ever that solar flares (or the lack of them) have more to do with the ever-changing climate of planet earth.And more resentful of policies, programs and restrictions put in our way, in service to the hoo-hah of Mr. Gore. And why this ticks me off, too. And this. And why not, anymore?I am most seriously unhappy today.The prescient satirical genius of Paddy ChayefskyIn … [Read more...]

Twittering Liberty…and Hope – UPDATED

Emily Dickinson wrote: Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune--without the words And never stops at all...How appropriate then, that the communications tool most responsible for keeping hope alive in shattered Iran is "a thing" called "Twitter," and that the 140-character dispatches being sent and received by people in desperate straits are called "tweets."People are "tweeting" for their lives, and their messages are bold, frightened, determined and … [Read more...]

Podcast; Office for the Dead (for Iran)

As I explain in the podcast, after turning alternative media for lack of MSM coverage, and reading tons of material on Iran, and listening to the president's remarks, and reading Twittered Tweets from people in Iran trying to get information and images out of that country, I was already inclined to pray for the people of Iran. Then, after seeing a few horrific videos, and one awful picture (very graphic, you are warned), I have decided to pray the Office for the Dead, for those losing their … [Read more...]

I Love My TwitterMonkey!

I've taken some (mostly) good-natured guff in my emails for the glittery-twitter link in my right-hand sidebar. Yes, it's a monkey. Yes, the monkey is wearing a sort of Flying Nun habit.She's beautiful! She's a Flying(nun) Monkey!And she is wearing Cardinal Red which is my absolute favorite color in the whole world.I call her Sister Simian of the Glittery Guimpe. And I love her; every time I look at her, she cracks me up.This is not the first time I have fallen for the idea of red … [Read more...]