The Coming Catholic Church of America


::::This post was somehow lost from my archives and is reassembled from linking sites who excerpted quotes. I unfortunately have not been able to fully reconstruct the whole original post:::::"A gospel that doesn't unsettle, a Word of God that doesn't get under anyone's skin, a Word of God that doesn't touch the real sin of the society in which it is being proclaimed, what Gospel is that?" --Archbishop Oscar RomeroThe Catholic church teaches some things magnificently, and other … [Read more...]

Oh Unhappy and Biscuitless World!

Recaptured thanks to the wayback machine:Well, once again, I have been taken to task over an issue of food, by the Border Collie.Generally, breakfast around here is a cup of yogurt, a bowl of cereal or oatmeal and several cups of the magnificent Mystic Monk Dark Roast or Monk Blend Coffee. But I’ve been off my feed for a few days (which is no cause for alarm since I, unhappily, carry my own reserves on my Irish hips) and this morning nothing tempted me except a Stella D’oro Breakfast Tre … [Read more...]

“That must be disconcerting for you…”

Every once in a while, a public figure blips across my radar, and when I see him I am reminded of my birth-father, for there is a very strong physical resemblance between the two men. I noted it today to a friend who knows my background and my “story.”“Whenever I see him,” I wrote, “it’s like looking at my father.”My friend wrote back, “that must be disconcerting for you.”I thought about that for a while and realized, no, seeing this public figure does not cause me distress, rather it makes … [Read more...]

Bootstrap Nation; Bill Clinton’s Best Legacy

That headline is going to make a few toupees spin, I know, but we’ve been talking, for the last few days, about socialism and socialized programs, and why they don’t work, or how they encourage mediocrity. As the discussion spilled over into the comments section, I wrote: Sometimes people need a hand-out, yes, but making it a way of life has never ended up being a positive…No handout can replace the sense of pride one gets by accomplishing things on one’s own.The emails on this subject have … [Read more...]

Adoration, The Mists, The Veil

ADORATION AND THE MIST, THE VEILLast night I had the tremendous opportunity to participate in Adoration with the Nocturnal Adoration Society, which is different from merely going to an hour of silent Adoration.The NAS promotes Adoration and specifically works to organize whole nights of prayer, with hourly teams getting together to chant the psalms, read scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers and to simply pray - it is all prayer, really - before the Blessed Sacrament. The prayer … [Read more...]

I’m off on politics for a while…

I’m off on politics for a whileUPDATE***Because I am feeling a little mischaracterized by some bloggers, let me re-iterate:My weariness of several days ago had little to do with President Bush and everything to do with both my fellow conservatives and the press.I try to fairly and accurately represent what other bloggers are saying in their posts, and I’m disappointed to see that some bloggers will not accord me the same consideration. You have to be willfully misreading me to con … [Read more...]

Why I will always like Hitchens Even When I Shoudn’t

June 24, 2005 -- Recaptured by wayback machine.Why I will always admire Hitchens, even when I shouldn’t Filed under: Socialism doesn't workChristopher Hitchens was dining out and looking for an ashtray - seeing none about he politely requested one.He was told he was eating in a “non-smoking facility.”Narrowing his eyes, Hitchens murmured, “I don’t dine in facilities…”Alright, I have no idea if he narrowed his eyes (I would hope he did) but I’m quite sure he murmured and when … [Read more...]

The 20 people screwing up America

RECLAIMED BY WAYBACK MACHINE. Links gone.In anticipation of Bernard Goldberg’s new book, John at Right Wing News asked more than 200 Right-of-center bloggers who made their top 20 list of the same.I must have a short attention span or something - I could only come up with 13, and in many cases, my choices didn’t come anywhere near the choices of my fellow bloggers. I disagree with some of them, too. Al Gore?I don’t want to take the hit away from John, so I won’t copy his list here…I w … [Read more...]