Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a little "token"? these earrings are so pretty!

I know, it's Wednesday, so this really is "last minute", although if you have Amazon Prime and the weather holds you might be able to do some of this online, if not, you may well be able to find some of these things in your local drugstore -- you have to go there to get the candy, anyway -- or a local bookstore. The earrings above are inexpensive and pretty (I have them, and love them) and none of these ideas are costly. My husband and I don't "celebrate" the day, but sometimes a small little … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bell’s Commercial puts Super Bowl Ads to Shame


So, so much better, deeper, human and audience-respectful than most of what we are served. I like my Tullamore Dew, (and they have a great ad, too) but this would inspire me to try the brand:Yes. Give that man a Bell's.In all ways, better than this: … [Read more...]

A Most Brilliant “Groundhog Day” Exposition


In a day-late observance of the 21st anniversary of the release of Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day" there are some good pieces floating around the internet, but for my money none come close to the brilliant exposition to be found at "Through a Glass Brightly" blog:And so begins Phil's education as illustrated by very enjoyable self-improvement sequence. He reads voraciously, learns to play the piano and ice sculpt, and goes around town performing random acts of kindness. All of this mortifies … [Read more...]

Watching SOTU? Couple things to Keep in Mind


I haven't yet decided if I can bear to watch these pointless theatricals -- remember the old days, before twitter, when we used to live-blog it -- but whether I do or not, these are a few things to keep in mind as the rhetoric goes on, and on, and on:1) From early days it seemed pretty clear that Obama was more interested in being rather than doing. That might be great for a spiritual aesthetic, but it's a bad fit for a president.I suspect that what Obama wanted was to be the King, not … [Read more...]

This is really all I have to say, today.

clinging to no

Text added to image provided courtesy of … [Read more...]

It’s funny…because it’s true.

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“The Stuff Priests are Made Of”: Orthodox Edition – UPDATED Phones IDing Protesters

Photo: Sergei Supinsky/AFP

A couple of years ago, jumping off of this appreciation by Katrina Fernandez, I chronicled a few Catholic priests who had put themselves in the middle of danger, in astonishing ways, for love of Christ and humanity.Currently, there are terrible stories, violent images and reported deaths coming out of Ukraine, as citizens and journalists have attempted to peacefully demonstrate for their right -- the very basic human right -- to be able to freely question and protest against public policy … [Read more...]

Mike Rowe, Income Equality, Rerum Novarum, “the undeserving rich”, and the Craft of Work

sharpening wheel

Bear with me, please, because I'm unpacking a lot of stuff, and I'm not sure where I'm going with it, even as I begin.Let's start with this new channel here at Patheos, that is dedicated to dialogue on the philosophies and realities of faith and work. Not so much "faith in the workplace" -- although that obviously is part of it -- but more, how faith informs our thinking on labor and industry. The channel has been put together by an Evangelical crew, and covers lots of issues (a "sense of … [Read more...]

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, You’re my Hero…

mr coffee latte

A reader bought this through the Amazon portal (which is the link to my book) and I was so intrigued that I asked for it, for Christmas.What intrigued me? Two things -- cost and froth.A) COST: I'm way too middle class to spend a lot on a coffee maker; it wouldn't make me feel good about myself. Spending a lot for a latte would, in fact, make me feel bad about myself. While this unit sells at higher prices in stores, it goes for under $55 at Amazon, which is really my limit for a latte … [Read more...]

Christie and Bridgegate; He Has the Wrong Pass


The "Bridge-gate" story currently haunting Chris Christie is not funny. Bridge tie-ups, aside from being inconvenient and schedule-mauling, are dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. It is possible that one elderly woman died because of the traffic snarls that apparently originated with administration staffers. It is absolutely fair and appropriate that the mainstream press inquire and investigate into what NJ Governor Christie know, and when he knew it, re the whole affair.If Christie … [Read more...]