Perhaps America Needs Peggy Olsen to Serve its Inner Don Draper

Peggy yells at Don

Photojournalists love to capture politicians with backlighting, or standing before round seals and symbols; it helps the subject to stand out, of course, and where presidents are concerned the dramatic halo effect might be making a sincere or ironic editorial point. I wonder if there is something subconscious about it, though; do we need to see our president regardless of party, as someone with a connection to the divine? Politicians are as susceptible to believing their own hype as anyone … [Read more...]

Brother Thelonious: A Second Favorite Beer

Brother Thelo

We've talked before about my love for Guinness. I only drink perhaps six glasses a year, but I love the black-and-tan that, when held up to the light, reveals itself to be a gorgeous ruby red. And there is nothing better, after a hot day of sightseeing than a cold one of these: I am not familiar with the Job-Recovery Ale that Frank Weathers is currently featuring, but the young people in the family do like interesting beers, so we have become familiar with IPA's and all manner of … [Read more...]

Catholic and Christian Themes in Star Trek?


What do you think? Every Christian Star Trek fan recalls Stardate 4041.7. That was the day that I realised that, with very few exceptions, Star Trek is consistently the most pro-Christian and pro-Catholic show in American television history. The quintessential science fiction television programme by which all others are judged has had a number of permutations over the past 40 years: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and, most recently, Enterprise. In addition, … [Read more...]

Charles Ramsey: Class Act


A terrible story yields a diamond: On Tuesday, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Ramsey what it felt like to find out that he had been living next to kidnapping victims. “See, that’s why now I’m having trouble sleeping,” he explained. “See, up until yesterday, the only thing that kept me from losing sleep was the lack of money. See what I’m saying? So now that that’s going on, and I could have done this last year, not this hero stuff, just do the right thing.” “Because … [Read more...]

As Mothers Day Looms, Two Obituaries to Die For – UPDATED


Well, in a manner of speaking. I hope when I die, my kids can manage to produce something as wry and fun as this: Waffle House lost a loyal customer on April 30, 2013. Antonia W. "Toni" Larroux died after a battle with multiple illnesses: lupus, rickets, scurvy, kidney disease and feline leukemia. She had previously conquered polio as a child contributing to her unusually petite ankles and the nickname "polio legs" given to her by her ex-husband, Jean F. Larroux, Jr. It should not be … [Read more...]

“YOU DRIVE! Worry about yourself!”

Holy smokes, and I thought Buster wanted to be independent, very early! "Worry about yourself. You drive! Go drive!" Kid kills me! … [Read more...]

Have no fear!


If you notice that your comments are disappearing or reappearing, do not be afraid! It is merely the housekeeping project I had promised threatened a few weeks ago. Given the work, though, I do believe I will be taking the evening off. … [Read more...]

Pray for Boston Victims, First Responders

Deacon Greg has the awful video. After a while, the cable channels and the twitter feeds descend into something like uninformed crisis porn, and tempts us to say stupid things. I'm turning everything off and heading to Vespers. Let us pray for the dead, the injured, the traumatized and all first responders. Time enough for speculation and all the rest of it, late. God help us. … [Read more...]

Writing on Gosnell Media Blackout in 2011 -UPDATED


On twitter yesterday, it was mildly irking to see a few tweets in my timeline from people like Kevin Drum and I forget who else, basically saying, (essentially) "oh, yeah? Well, if the Gosnell story was such a big deal, why weren't any of you people writing about it in 2011, huh? Answer that! Burn!". It was pretty easy to do a quick search and send him links of this blog and Hot Air and Michelle Malkin and others, writing multiple times of Gosnell in 2011, and even 2012. But here's a piece … [Read more...]

Housekeeping Note!


In order to improve site function, load times and stability, Patheos is going to be moving all of its blogs comments sections into Disqus. For a couple of days you may see older comments disappear while newer ones remain, or vice versa. It does not mean that suddenly all of our bloggers have decided "no comments for you!" It just means we're doing this, and with over 250 blogs to service, comments sections will be weird for a few days. Figure 72 hours. Please adjust your expectations … [Read more...]

Who made Piers Morgan the Zeitgeist Torquemada?


I admit, I don't watch much television or follow celeb-gossip things, so it's quite possible that I am very ill-informed and Piers Morgan is a major intellectual powerhouse who has slipped by my radar because, well, I don't know who the major intellectual powerhouses are; they never seem to be the ones winning the prizes anymore. I see by this Wikipedia entry that in the UK Morgan, among other things, wrote, edited, judged talent contests and is currently the editorial director of a … [Read more...]

Starting in Prayer in the Triduum: A Request

If you're out of practice -- not sure what to pray about during this Triduum -- perhaps start with prayers for another. And let the Holy Spirit lead you from there. … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Affirms there is “Dictatorship of Relativism”

We are still getting to know Pope Francis, studying his actions and his words as we try to gauge the man and what sort of papacy we might expect of him, where his stylistic differences with his predecessors end and the substantial differences (or similarities) kick in. I expect a couple of heads will explode upon reading this in his remarks, today, to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See: After the example of Francis of Assisi, the Church in every corner of the globe has always … [Read more...]

Lying about Francis to Spite Benedict – UPDATED

"Dear Lord, how come nobody ever gets offended by Anglican and Orthodox trappings?" Several days ago I read a Facebook post by a Deacon I respect (no, not Deacon Greg, although I of course, respect him!) and in his post this cleric rather disappointingly -- and, to my thinking, unwisely -- recounted a malicious little tale about our new pope, to the applause of others. He told the story approvingly, and was glad when it was greeted with applause among his flock; he seemed to have no sense … [Read more...]