Now THAT'S an Apology

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Best. Cover. Ever. of Any Song

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More on Voris and RCTV

Lots of very ungenerous comments yesterday -- detailing how Mark Shea is a heterodox-Michael-Voris hater -- by people who were busily emoting, and ignoring the fact that yesterday morning, before most were even aware of the story, Shea was already defending Voris, and promising a beefed-up defense today.And today, he keeps his word, coming to the defense not only of Voris, but of Simon Rafe, too:". . . I expect some in the blogosphere who aren’t especially keen on stuff like “The Vor … [Read more...]

An Elegant Argument for Catholic Education

PhotosourceFirst things first. The goal of a Christian is to come to know and believe in Jesus Christ and to live with God forever. Catholic education remains vital because it anchors itself in that foundational truth. [. . .] Catholic schools are also indispensable because they help students understand the transcendent purpose of their thousands of hours of cramming and test-taking. As one of my colleagues put it, Catholic education responds to the question, "What now?" "Now that we know … [Read more...]

Comment-Free Fridays — UPDATED

Consider it a Friday fast, or a Friday sacrifice.I do not have time to monitor comments right now, and I'm just about sick to death of the fighting, the accusations, the foul (and all-too-easy/convenient) cries of "heresy" on one thread and "racist" on the other.I know we can do better than this.These are tense times; everyone is on edge. And apparently everyone has lost their senses of humor, or their ability to ever give anyone else a pass, or the benefit of a doubt, or even be … [Read more...]

Postcards from the Edge

So, the GOP has a clever idea -- or they've stolen an idea the Dems had during the Bush years, I am getting old and can't remember -- but you can send Obama Vacation Postcards to your pals.I chose this one because it's a twofer; it jeers at Obama, and the Boston Red Sox, so it's kind of irresistible.And before my friends on the left take umbrage and being wagging fickle fingers of righteousness and calling me out for being "mean" or making fun or whatever -- please spare me. You don't really … [Read more...]

Don't Fear the Translation

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The Voris Brouhaha

Because I'm having trouble keeping up with almost everything, right now, I am late to this story, which the deacon picked up last night, to whit:Michael Voris, the founder and host of RealCatholicTV, says he was completely unaware of recently discovered troubles within his organization, involving a staff apologist's sexually explicit writings, and his nonprofit corporation's loss of legal status two years ago.“I don't know what the issue is on any of this stuff,” said Voris, who is cur … [Read more...]

Obama's Buses Ordered Last Year. Why?

Glenn Reynolds and Ed Morrissey are writing about the completely out-of-touch optics coming forth from a White House, that -- despite the president's much vaunted, 3-day "listening" tour of the heartland -- appears to be staffed with aliens from another galaxy, who really don't understand why these earthlings aren't loving their shtick.Reynold's notes that Matt Drudge is having enormous fun with these spaceman optics, where text and visuals make the messages clear to all but the … [Read more...]

Hope and Grace; Reports from WYD -UPDATED

I really like the logo for this year's World Youth Day gathering in Madrid:I also like a lot of the writing and reports I'm seeing from pilgrims. Patheos' own Tim Muldoon's piece is a very fine exposition of the hopes and faith that lie behind the celebrations that some too-quickly dismiss as "Catholic Woodstock":In making a pilgrimage to WYD, then, we seek a deeper and a greater hope, one that does not fall prey to the silly trading of power from one generation to the next. We seek the … [Read more...]