Dear St. Clare and her Daughters

Chiara Offreduccio (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253)When you have loved Jesus, You are chaste; when you have touched [Him], You become more pure; When you have accepted [Him], You are a virgin. Whose power is stronger, Whose generosity more abundant, Whose appearance more beautiful, Whose love more tender, Whose courtesy more gracious. In Whose embrace You are already caught up; Who has adorned Your breast with precious stones and has placed priceless pearls on Your ears and has surrounded You … [Read more...]

Muldoon and Coffey Honored by CPA

Well, bust my buttons!It seems that while passing out awards recently, the Catholic Press Association singled out two of our Catholic Portal columnists for distinction:Congrats to Boston College's Tim Muldoon, who runs his own page, here and also toils weekly at Culture in the Crossroads, where his recent series on Sex and Christianity has been a popular feature.Of his book, Love One Another, co-edited with Cynthia S. Dobrzynski and honored with a third place prize in the book category … [Read more...]

Madrid's Mobs of Youth

ATTENTION, WYD Pilgrims: While you're in Madrid, do yourself a favor, and try the incredibly delicious, air-cured "Iberian Ham."You're welcome.Meanwhile Archbishop Chaput recalls WYD '93, in Colorado:Cardinal J. Francis Stafford, my friend and predecessor as archbishop of Denver, hosted World Youth Day in August 1993, and he still likes to tell the following story.One of his staffers had just moved to Colorado from a much larger and higher crime city on the West Coast. The man was … [Read more...]

Newsweek not Sexist, Just Unprofessional

I've been meaning to write on that absurd, and frankly tabloid-worthy Newsweek cover photo of Michele Bachmann, mostly to give props to Terry O' Neill, of the National Organization for Women, who has kept her word since declaring that "from here on" (meaning from the point of the 2010 elections) she was going to speak up when female candidates -- even conservative ones -- were subjected to sexism. Not that my opinion would matter, but I doubted she'd do it, and she's proved me wrong; O'Neill … [Read more...]

Cat, Hat; in French Chat, Chapeau

In Spanish el gato in a sombrero.... … [Read more...]

Will the UK Riots Come to USA?

The situation in London seems dire and disheartening and there is already one iconic photo emerging from the story:Lots of obnoxious, frightening, maddening and infuriating stories coming over the wires, with lots of conjecture as to the cause, but I found this Drudge headline most distressing:American Baseball Bats Selling Fast in UK...Citizens arming themselves for protection, or mobsters looking for more strength? I'd bet it's the former. Arms are difficult to come by, in England, but … [Read more...]

Obama the Aching Void

Do you remember, what happened immediately after the 2008 election? So anxious were the perpetually adolescent pundit-elites at the NY Times and elsewhere to be rid of the moron Bush in order to make way for The Colossal Obama; Superior Being of Staggering Competence and Illumination, that they wondered why -- despite the constitution and plain good sense -- President Bush wouldn't resign from his office, and let The One begin to put everything to rights:Seriously. We have an economy that’s … [Read more...]

Congrats to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit!

Congrats to Instapundit creator, Glenn Reynolds for managing ten years of sterling blogging, news aggregating and the cleverest of pithy-punditing. That's a decade of nearly non-stop updating and an assist in the founding of PJM, PJTV and oh, yeah, the writing of a best-selling book, countless op-ed pieces and more.He's arguably the hardest working man in the blogosphere, and my hat is off to him! Here is to ten more!See how it all began, here … [Read more...]

Wonky Comments

Comments have been rather wonky the last week or so. Please see if you can comment, again. … [Read more...]

Reagan's "Quote for the Day"

Apparently Kim Priestap has a daily Reagan quoter, and this was today's message:The finger-pointers and hand-wringers of today were the policy makers of yesterday, and they gave us economic stagnation and double-digit inflation. There was only one thing fair about their policies: They didn't discriminate; they made everyone miserable. Ronald Reagan, 1/31/1984Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. … [Read more...]