Veterans Day: European, Pacific, Wives and Books


The flag is flying outside, and I just watched some local men in fraternal headgear carry out a memorial service for Veterans living and the dead. Kind of moving to see these older arthritic guys saluting their young counterparts.For the day, we have pieces touching on aspects of faith in both the Pacific and the European theaters, from WWI and WWII:First up, Pat McNamara with one of the most entertaining Veteran's Day pieces I've yet read:In 1916, Father [Francis P] Duffy was … [Read more...]

If Obama was just going to be Bush, anyway…

While I can't find the links, I do seem to recall that a few times during the Bush years, Glenn Reynolds waxed philosophical over at Instapundit, wondering if it would take the Democrats winning elections -- and thus taking control of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- in order for them to finally get behind them.I'm remembering that now, because it seems that the Obama Administration's stated mission for Libya is one of regime change and the establishment of system of governance.Which sounds … [Read more...]

"Goodnight, Chesty"

I had never heard of "Chesty Puller" until reading this piece just now, but it sounds like a film needs to be made, here:Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 1918 he would serve until 1955, rising in rank from private to lieutenant general. Throughout his career he led from the front, never asking his men to go where he would not go. For his courage he was five times awarded the navy cross, a silver star, a distinguished service cross, and a bronze star with a v for valor, along with … [Read more...]

Veteran's Day; Soldiers & Saints

Fr. Tim Vakoc, Military Chaplain, RIPA Hero is as a Hero DoesNice posts at Hot Air and at Deacon Greg's place and elsewhere, but I like this piece by Frank Weathers, because it reminds us that (as with this priest) soldiers and saints are sometimes one and the same:Martin of Tours by Charles L. O'Donnell"As I today was wayfaring"— Holy, Holy, Holy!—low— Said Christ in heaven's evening— The Holies yet more hushed and slow— "I met a knight upon the road; A plumed charger he bestrode."He … [Read more...]

Dubya & Laura Surprise Troops

Cool. Classy.Kim Priestap has quotes, and links to more pictures of a surprised visit Mr. & Mrs. made to the Dallas USO, where they greeted returning troops.The pictures are great. Troops look both surprised and delighted. Bushes just look delighted. … [Read more...]

Obama-McChrystal-Petraeus Reactions

On NPR this afternoon, I heard a report that some military folk on the ground at Kandahar believed McChrystal would get off with a tongue-lashing for the Rolling Stone piece, particularly since it was his underlings who made the most controversial comments.I tend to think more along the lines of Victor Davis Hanson:I think conservatives are making a big mistake citing all sorts of legitimate reasons for McChrystal to have expressed frustration. I agree with almost all of them, but they are … [Read more...]

A belated Memorial Day Must-Read

Check this out, by Anthony Esolen, on The Soldier's Rough Charity". . .we look to the soldier, who may well make his career in or from the service, yet who endures privations we can hardly imagine, and puts his life on the line for his fellows. It is a kind of rough charity, and immensely appealing. All those faces upon the scoreboard were of people who had volunteered to enter the service, knowing that they might well be sent to dangerous lands far away." … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Heroes

Remembering the heroism of Staff Sgt. Martin Richburg , who did this in 2006:Staff Sgt. Martin Richburg byMonte Morin / S&SHere's the thing about real heroes: they never think they've done anything heroic.AL KISIK, Iraq — The camp was still on edge from a suicide bomb attack that morning.The bomber had targeted an Iraqi army recruiting drive at the combined Iraqi and American forces base here in northwest Iraq. Although no U.S. soldiers were injured, soldiers from the 2nd, or “ … [Read more...]

A Family of Heroes

If you are looking around and feeling like the world is bereft of heroes, allow me to introduce you to a family made up of them. We need to know that grace abides in the world. Here is grace. In buckets.When young SGT Michael "Mike" James Stokely was killed in action near Yusufiyah, Iraq, his father Robert penned a moving memorial which the Mudville Gazette picked up.Robert Stokely then created a scholarship foundation in memory of his son; it also raises money to send school supplies to … [Read more...]

The North Platte Canteen

Since the Greatest Generation came up here, thought I'd share this, from reader Dennis S. I'd known nothing of this story; what a good movie it might make!Also, (via New Advent), it seems some military personnel are doing a weekend pilgrimage to LourdesThe tradition of the International Military Pilgrimage (IMP) to the French Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes began in 1958, after what was initially a regional pilgrimage and later national pilgrimage was made international to officially … [Read more...]