Telling it straight: Must reads – UPDATED

Charles Krauthammer gets it exactly right in this piece:In these most recent 20 years -- the alleged winter of our disrespect of the Islamic world -- America did not just respect Muslims, it bled for them. It engaged in five military campaigns, every one of which involved -- and resulted in -- the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.The two Balkan interventions -- as well as the failed 1992-93 Somalia intervention to feed starving African Muslims (43 … [Read more...]

Flattered & Blushing linkaround – UPDATED

Amazing footage: US Air Splashdown. Watching those people evacuate is really something. Thank God for good news.As the doorman said, "well, bust my buttons!" It seems Tony Blankley has visited my humble abode and said some very nice things. I'm blushing. No, really. But that was very nice; thanks. I would add that I share the same experience with Blankley; I get the papers and leave them unread because I get it all online. But...we do need our crossword puzzles and our Sudoku's, don't … [Read more...]

Longest. Linkaround. Evah.

Settle in for a long 'un, kiddies.Start here (h/t Ann Althouse):Hey, according to the press, wars are challenging, serious and difficult to win. Funny how perceptions change when parties change in the White House, innit? Iraq suddenly looks different, too! Or...actually...maybe the same!President Bush has declared Washington DC a state of emergency to help secure and pay for Obama's inaugural. Most expensive inaugural ever. In a time of (if the left is to be believed) "unprecedented … [Read more...]

"Movement" voters and other things

Just thought you might be interested in this - a buncha Catholics sittin' around gassing away about what lies ahead for Catholics as "movement" voters!Some interesting perspectives from center-right Catholic writers you may recognise, and in the middle I get to wag my finger and jump on a soapbox, declaring, first off that I dislike the notion of "movements" as a whole and besides, oversensitive Catholics (and hyper-hurt-feeling Christianity as-a-whole) are ticking me off with all the … [Read more...]

BDS defined, in a shoe-throwing

Lots of talk, of course, about the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq. The point has been made, enough, I think, that this Iraqi reporter would never have been free enough to throw his shoes under Saddam.In reading some of the forums, this commenter at Ann Althouse made a spot-on analysis that actually can be broadened.Harsh Pencil wrote:The reporter knows deep down that he can throw his shoe at Bush only because of Bush and it shames him. He can't forgive Bush for that.Yes. Spot-on. And … [Read more...]

Some questions from the mailbag

Q: Anchoress, I notice you're writing a lot about Advent and nothing about politics.A: Well, you're very observant! I decided after the election - actually a few weeks before the election, but by then I was in the circuit and had to see it through, so to speak - that I would write about politics only where it intersects with religion. I didn't like myself writing about politics and I frankly didn't like the tones being sounded from the right in my email. Also, Advent is just always … [Read more...]

Linking Around

I wanted to write a little about the joys of CAT scans today - they're not so bad, really, except for the disgusting drink - and also wanted to think a little more about the idea of Falling into Community and why Catholicism suits me, but I'm kind of wiped out, today, and so I'm hitting interesting links you may or may not have seen - and sharing emails of gift discoveries from readers:GUESS WHO SAID IT: Zoe Romanowsky tickles the brains on a topical topic:"I believe that banking … [Read more...]

Happy V-I Day!

Declared here.More here … [Read more...]

French Praise for American Soldiers

Via Friend Michael, this must must must read. It will do your heart, soul, sinews, lungs, kidneys and brain good, translated Via:American Troops in Afghanistan Through the Eyes of French Infantryman“We have shared our daily life with two US units for quite a while - they are the first and fourth companies of a prestigious infantry battalion whose name I will withhold for the sake of military secrecy. To the common man it is a unit just like any other. But we live with them and got to know t … [Read more...]

Bush was right. Victorious, too – UPDATED

I'm still trying to keep to my new pledge of only writing about politics when it intersects with religion, but it does seem only fair to note that, Old Europe, which has been struggling all along with its restrictions, has finally admitted that, President Bush was right to keep America out of the Kyoto treaty.That's all I'm going to say. Bush was right. Lots of numbers simply should not be trusted enough to build policy on them.And he also was effective on the environment in ways you never … [Read more...]