Update on Beloved

Many of you have been kind enough to keep this gravely injured serviceman and his family in your prayers, and have asked for an update.Well, all I can say is I'm sort of clinging to the adage that "no news is good news." I have not heard back from his family since the day of posting, when they asked me to release no details at all - not even the branch of service, sorry - due to the nature of the mission. I know his wife and kids are with him and so I don't expect many updates...to be … [Read more...]

A Military Family in need of prayers

Folks, I cannot go into a lot of detail, but a military family and good friend to this blog has written an email they never wanted to write - because of the inability to give details I can share only this:"[he] has been wounded very badly. The doctors have said I need to be prepared to lose him. If there's a positive, they said most other men would have died because of the severity of wounds. At present, he's under heavy sedation."The wife of this serviceman - who is a formidable and … [Read more...]

Obama has a "troop-gate" – UPDATED

UPDATE II: Here is a long and anti-climactic denouement to this whole story. Bottom line: both the press and Obama need to be taken with a grain of salt. We should know that, by now. :::Yes, yes, yes, Sen. Barack Obama really did - while on his "Behold, It's Me World Tour" - interfere with American foreign policy and troop withdrawal negotiations in Iraq:The Obama campaign spent more than five hours on Monday attempting to figure out the best refutation of the explosive New York Post … [Read more...]

Palin/Gibson/Obama/McCain; let's party!

Okay, I'm just having too much fun, even though I also feel sick and the insomnia's kicking me in the head. Let's just link around at and watch the fun. I'll keep a running commentary, newest stuff on top!Since we've been talking about the pros and cons of my chanting podcasts, thought you'd like this. H/T Piano Girl who had us howling with The Perfect Fifth (stay with it):Liveblogging Hurricane Ike: Hey, if Dan Rather could stand in the storm into his 70's this young'n can try it from … [Read more...]

Biden & the draft, Fairness Doctrine, etc

While we have all been distracted by Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Smear Palin, there have been some fascinating (and sometimes chilling) bits of news escaping our attention:Sen Biden received 5 deferments from the draft before being declared "medically ineligible" to serve in Vietnam: Hey, I frankly don't care. But if "it mattered" about Cheney, then "it matters" about Biden. The left has to figure out - once and for all - when "it matters" (did with Bush) and when "it does," (didn't with … [Read more...]

Schaffer vs Udall: it's getting hot out there

This was sent to me by reader Lynda under the header This Debate is OverI expect the debate will never be over while the evil genius moron Bush lives, and I don't know if I totally buy Red State's take on it (I see no liberals laughing) but it's worth seeing, anyway. … [Read more...]

Heroic Benavidez, big-hearted McCains

"All Americans can be proud that Roy Benavidez was one of us."I'd never heard the astonishing story of this Vietnam-era Medal of Honor winner, Roy Benavidez, until today. You hear the story - of his almost unbelievable heroism in war, and his spirit of volunteerism in civilian life - and ponder his attitude of service, and you wonder...why doesn't Hollywood tell this story?It sounds like it could be very inspirational. Nothing wrong with being inspired by substance.We've just seen an … [Read more...]

Bill Clinton's other best legacy

Photo Credit: Michael TottenA while back I wrote a piece praising Bill Clinton for having the gumption to reform welfare and called it, "his best legacy."I wasn't exactly wrong. But I was ignorant of something excellent which goes unnoticed and should be added to Clinton's legacy. I know better now, thanks to Michael Totten, who spent a few weeks in Kosovo and filed this report: An Abominable Blood-Logged PlainStrange country, Kosovo.It’s European, but it isn’t Christian. It’s major … [Read more...]

Puffery vs Substance and the US Press

So, in anticipation of Obama's All I Have Behind Me Is A Great Speech and a Loving Press/No Substance Tour of Europe, which will supply his campaign with outstanding photo-ops against historic backdrops (to dispel the sad fact that he's done nothing of real import to earn the accolades), and which will add an illusion of substance to his lighter-than-a-cheesepuff resume, the Washington Post has composed a loving featurette that focuses on Obama's spirituality.The article mentions a "long … [Read more...]

I thought the GOP was the dumb party

I know that Democrats and members of the left are supposed to be our intellectual betters, and that those of us center or center-right are all "knuckledragging neanderthals" (Ted Kennedy, circa 2002) but the Dems seem to be making some very dumb unforced errors, heading into the Fourth of July Weekend and their National Convention:1) Only Fox News reported positive news from Iraq. Because God forbid we should hear it (and think well of our troops) as we head into Fourth of July! The … [Read more...]