The Big Business of Vaginas

The headline reads "No more dancing around feminine hygiene.", and the accompanying article notes that starlets no longer fearing the tag "harlot" openly discuss their favorite vaginal tattoos.Honestly, as a mom who has had to endure sitting through those "do you ever feel not-so-fresh" and "watch my tampon bloom" commercials with teenage sons, it feels like hygiene and vajayjays have hardly been danced around. But I suppose it was inevitable that a society in decline would finally end up … [Read more...]

Wall-to-Wall "Palinsanity" & BUTTONS!

Buttons thanks to Shana!Althouse coined the word "Palinsanity" and one of her commenters made a palindrome to describe the whole movement of the left and the press: Harassarah....that would be, Harass Sarah. It's all they can do, because the left is clearly out of its collective mind over this woman, and they're only going to get worse. And it's all going to backfire on them. Big time. And the left is utterly destroying their own credibility with regards to women and family issues. As I … [Read more...]

Anchorpoll: Does Sex Ed Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

I just need to ask it.Let me state up front that I believe Sex Education is the responsibility of parents, and that a part of responsible parenting is comprehensive sex education: talking clearly, openly and often with your kids about human sexuality, natural urges, hygiene, masturbation, abstinence, forms of birth control etc, along with moral guidance reflecting your family's belief system or "humanist" ethics.Does anyone know what the sex-ed curriculum is in Alaska?Having endured sex … [Read more...]

Sew the Scarlet A for Sarah Palin! – UPDATED

Palin in March, "wearing her pregnancy suit"You know, my instinct is to not even address this crazy stuff, to just ignore it. But it's "out there," buzzing, so, I may as well jump in.The doyens of uterine politics have decided that what matters about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is not her politics, not her policies, but her periods.Like some old, suspicious grandmother from the middle part of the twentieth-century, Alan Colmes counted back on his fingers and decided that - not that it's … [Read more...]

Snap into shape, Vaginas!

On one hand, the press is telling us that America is in terrible shape: she is economically depressed.Bad Bush = tight spot.But wait! On the other hand, this NY Times feature on a woman's pelvic fitness spa, suggests that tight spots may have absolutely nothing to do with bad old Bush at all!And if women are paying $150.00 a pop to wrap their vaginal muscles around a doctor's fingers then perhaps people are not feeling as squeezed as we've been led to believe!...comes the first medi … [Read more...]

Mockery more effective than reason

I see, thanks to Michelle Malkin that conservative women are officially fighting back in addressing The Vagina Monologues.Well...have at it, if you must, ladies, and God's best to you. But I'm convinced that to address that play or Eve Ensler with anything approximating seriousness and deliberation is to give the whole Vagina Endeavor a patina of credibility and seriousness it simply does not deserve.Eve Ensler's foul-mouthed, talking, raspberry-blowing,"goodraping," hiccupping, whining, … [Read more...]

“Breeders” infected with “feeders”

UPDATE: Maxed Out Mama has coined a new term: Vaginahabi Jihad.I am so jealous.Maxed Out Mama can always be counted on to find the post you would be sorry to miss and this time she found it at Pedro the Quietist who reveals that the new affront to some leftists are....babies - or, as they are referred to, a parasitic blastocyst - an opportunistic, parasitic infection!Appearance - It is tough, if not impossible, for a woman's body to be as tight and firm as it was prior to the … [Read more...]

Labias Up! Vagina-gazing season is open!

Or something. (H/T Tongue-tied.) No, REALLY. :-)Calling all women of color.“The Vagina Monologues” wants you.That’s the message students have heard in the past weeks, as the annual show has opted to bring women of color center stage, while planning to leave many white women behind the curtains. ... But many other students who participated in previous shows said women of color have stayed away from the play because they believe the script portrays minorities negatively. ... “We can’t change … [Read more...]

My Vagina and Me: Politically Incorrect and Lovin’ it!

Every year, in preparation for Valentine's Day (V-day, or Vagina Day in politically correct, whack-a-doo feminist enclaves) various college campuses, community centers and umm, Unitarian churches prepare to use the occasion not to celebrate an early Christian Martyr, but to suggest that every woman is a martyr of sorts, a lone upholder of vaginal integrity, thrown into a tarpit of bubbling male lust and violence.Right on schedule, comes this story re the University of Oregon, which is undergoing … [Read more...]