Vespers for 1st Monday in Advent

"Advent" does not mean "expectation" as some may think. It is a translation of the Greek word parousia, which means "presence" or, more accurately, "arrival," i.e. the beginning of a presence. In antiquity the word was a technical term for the presence of a king or ruler and also of the god being worshipped, who bestows his parousia upon his devotees for a time. "Advent", then, means a presence begun, the presence being that of God. -- Pope Benedict XVI, Dogma and Preaching (from the … [Read more...]

Benedict on Monasticism

“When you have become God's in the measure He wants, He, Himself will know how to best bestow you on others. Unless He prefer, for thy greater advantage, to keep thee all to Himself.” --St. BasilI like this:"In virtue of the absolute primacy reserved to Christ, monasteries are called to be places in which space is made for the celebration of the glory of God, where one adores and chants the mysterious but real presence of the divine in the world and where one tries to live the new com … [Read more...]

Very Late Vespers!

If you're in NY, you might think it's too late to say Vespers, but it's never too late. Join yourselves in prayer with our brothers and sisters currently praying the hour in Hawaii!Just as it's always pub-time, somewhere, it's always time for the Liturgy of the Hours, somewhere, too. Since time and space are constructs, transcend them. Don't fret about the clock!I read a small snippet, before beginning the liturgy, and forgot to mention the other side of the notion that God manifests … [Read more...]

The Word Going Forth…

In case you're wondering, the Great Big Continuous Public Bible Read instigated by Pope Benedict XVI is still going on, and they're up to Ezekiel 14. It's in Italian, but still awesome to check in on from time to time. There are musical interludes between books.I'm loving it. As I wrote here, this will bear fruit!It doesn't really matter if no one listens. Some will, some won't. The major portion of the Word will be read to no audience at all. But by the very act of reading it - of … [Read more...]

October 07 Vespers

Vespers for October 7, memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary can be found here. A bit rushed today, sorry. … [Read more...]

Vespers – October 01

Well, that was an adventure - got almost to the end of the recording and the dog went beserk at the UPS guy. Hence, a re-do.Here is the podcast for Vespers of the day, once again, the psalms speak eloquently of all we're reading and experiencing elsewhere. Hope they help. If you're using the breviary, the page directives are included.If you're still looking for it, morning prayer. … [Read more...]

Vespers for Sept 30

Wow, this was kind of a fun Office, tonight, on this feast of the curmudgeonly St. Jerome - the psalms really spoke to the day, even down to the prayer for our legislators in the final intercessions.The podcast is here, and it contains all the page directives for the Breviary. As usual I'm using the breviary shown below; I love the translations, and this is the most commonly used of the breviaries for the Liturgy of the Hours.Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor … [Read more...]