“Take Christ Out of Christmas”? NYers React Like NYers

I love New York and this video nicely showcases why I do: atheists want to spend money on big electronic billboards urging the elimination of Christ from Christmas? New Yorkers say, essentially, "Oh yeah? How not interesting."They move on, more amused than perturbed. My peeps.The resolute desire to omit Christ from Christmas does make me believe that yes, there were supernatural objections that made themselves known one night in Bethlehem. … [Read more...]

“Masses are Terrible, because Most Priests are Terrible!”

Okay, heinous language and a general sensitivity warning. If you are heinous language sensitive, or super-sensitive in general, don't watch this. You're warned. If you watch it anyway, and find yourself offended, please don't complain to me about it, because you've been warned.This brilliantly Irish rant of a routine was sent to me from a priest friend. I almost had a spasm from laughing. I'm not sure what sort of spasm, but I almost had one. Although I must say, our lovely Nigerian priests … [Read more...]

Great ’70′s Sitcom Theme Songs and Scenes

My son and I were enjoying the sunset on the porch and talking about many aspects of many things. Somehow we got to discussing commercial jingles and I related how easily I can remember old beer and cigarette jingles -- and McDonalds and Breakstone Yogurt. And Tang Breakfast Drink, too:"Do the Moonwalk like the astronauts! (Tang!) Join the space gang, drink your energy Tang! (Taaang!)...So if you want to do like the astronauts do, join the space gang, and do the Moonwalk, to, come on and … [Read more...]

Pentecost Warm & Active Mystery of Love

This Pentecost finds me thoroughly silenced, in both physical and virtual voice; I have a sore throat, swollen glands, plugged up ears, and every folk remedy of the family at my service, but still I can't talk above a whisper - plus the arthritis in my hands is also flaring, making it difficult to type.Hey, I can take a hint. I know when I'm being called to quietness; I know when I'm being to "shut up, just shut up, shhhh...just listen."All I feel this Pentecost - readings and songs and … [Read more...]

Cardinal DiNardo at Baptist U

I can't remember where I came upon this video -it might have been from First Things' Evangel blog- but I like it a lot, and I think y'all will, too: Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, doing the convocation at Houston Baptist University.An excellent video for an extended Sunday Coffee Break. … [Read more...]

Anchoress and Benedict on NPR

If any of you happen to be near a radio at about 6:55 ET, turn to NPR and you'll hear me, gassing away, (along with Fr. James Martin, among others) about the pope's new blog. Specifically, I give him a bit of joking "advice," such as: "try to get linked by Instapundit! Gets you more exposure, then you can charge more for blogads!" And, "...if I link to him, he's got to link back to me!"Fr. Martin emails that in the transcripts I got the pull-quote!"He should have some favorite YouTube … [Read more...]

Carl Sagan; Cosmos

This is a beauty - Auto-tuning the Cosmos ala Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking (words here): … [Read more...]

Bill Whittle; National Treasure

I never steer you wrong. Watch this. … [Read more...]

Kelly Osbourne & the Waltz

More, More!Why don't we have more dancing like this? I want to learn to waltz, even on my stumpy legs!And Miss Osbourne looked lovely.The longer video is here. Very touching to see her with her parents. Even rocker dads want to see their daughters look like Princesses! … [Read more...]

Never give up; Never, never!

I love this, even though I don't know how I got here.But you want to go watch the video. … [Read more...]