Storytime Video: Narrating a Moment of Your Life

storytime guy

This is kind of delightful.It's a fellow with a video recorder -- or is it a phone? -- who approaches people and narrates a moment of their lives. And their responses are terrific, and sometimes surprisingly sharp.It kind of restores my faith in humanity a little to see that most people involved in this are rather nimble-witted, and -- perhaps more importantly -- pretty good-natured.Also offering some uplifting (or strange) videos today are Deacon Greg and his SuperSantaCops, … [Read more...]

“Take Christ Out of Christmas”? NYers React Like NYers


I love New York and this video nicely showcases why I do: atheists want to spend money on big electronic billboards urging the elimination of Christ from Christmas? New Yorkers say, essentially, "Oh yeah? How not interesting."They move on, more amused than perturbed. My peeps.The resolute desire to omit Christ from Christmas does make me believe that yes, there were supernatural objections that made themselves known one night in Bethlehem. … [Read more...]

“Masses are Terrible, because Most Priests are Terrible!”


Okay, heinous language and a general sensitivity warning. If you are heinous language sensitive, or super-sensitive in general, don't watch this. You're warned. If you watch it anyway, and find yourself offended, please don't complain to me about it, because you've been warned.This brilliantly Irish rant of a routine was sent to me from a priest friend. I almost had a spasm from laughing. I'm not sure what sort of spasm, but I almost had one. Although I must say, our lovely Nigerian priests … [Read more...]

Great ’70′s Sitcom Theme Songs and Scenes


My son and I were enjoying the sunset on the porch and talking about many aspects of many things. Somehow we got to discussing commercial jingles and I related how easily I can remember old beer and cigarette jingles -- and McDonalds and Breakstone Yogurt. And Tang Breakfast Drink, too:"Do the Moonwalk like the astronauts! (Tang!) Join the space gang, drink your energy Tang! (Taaang!)...So if you want to do like the astronauts do, join the space gang, and do the Moonwalk, to, come on and … [Read more...]

Publix Pitch Perfect Mothering Moment

Any Mom can appreciate this. Thank you, Publix. This is a gift. … [Read more...]

Clear your Head: “How Long is a Piece of String?”


With so many awful stories all around us -- and so many emotions tearing at us -- it's a good time to clear the head and find something to wonder about. In this case, "how long is a piece of string?"The answer is surprising, and this is a very entertaining video that -- at least for me -- brings God into the thing Check it out. … [Read more...]

Words into Video: Why I am Catholic

We've been running (and continually adding to) ruminations, here on the portal, as to why we are Catholic. It's actually part of a larger project throughout the Patheos site, involving bloggers from every channel, and it's pretty interesting. Later this week, we will hopefully find all of the Catholic responses gathered together and showcased on our landing page.One of our readers liked Fr. Dwight Longenecker's response so well, he created a rather moving and effective video out of it. I … [Read more...]

By the Waters of Babylon

Russian female choir "Sirin" performs Biblical psalm #136* in ancient Russian traditional orthodox style. From the french documentary "Le Silence des anges - Terres et voix de l'Orient orthodoxe" (by Olivier Mille et Jean-Fran├žois Colosimo, France - Belgique, 1999) (H/T)By the rivers of Babylon there we sat and wept, remembering Zion; on the poplars that grew there we hung up our harps.For it was there that they asked us, our captors, for songs, our oppressors, for joy. "Sing to … [Read more...]

Twin Baby Girls Dancing to Guitar

This kills me, from the moment they turn to each other and make eye contact until the dancing ends! … [Read more...]

“Do the Ellen”

What I like about about the way Ellen Degeneres dances is that, you know, pretty much anyone can dance like her. Even me.But apparently earlier this month a Long Island teacher was videotaped "dancing like Ellen", by his approving students. Not bad -- it got in an invite onto the talk show.And, on Long Island at least, the whole idea of "doing the Ellen" appears to be taking off. I recognize this neighborhood! Can't say I recognize Confucius, though. … [Read more...]