Bill Whittle; National Treasure

I never steer you wrong. Watch this. … [Read more...]

Kelly Osbourne & the Waltz

More, More!Why don't we have more dancing like this? I want to learn to waltz, even on my stumpy legs!And Miss Osbourne looked lovely.The longer video is here. Very touching to see her with her parents. Even rocker dads want to see their daughters look like Princesses! … [Read more...]

Never give up; Never, never!

I love this, even though I don't know how I got here.But you want to go watch the video. … [Read more...]

"There is no sense until the end…"

You go over to Drudge and it's one crazy, reality-skewing, alternate-universe existential nightmare.Here's how one group is dealing with it... … [Read more...]

Let's Dance!

Horrible, horrible, horrible day over here, work-wise. I have three things I really have to write and I fought all day with the network, then with the crashing firefox -the serious crashing firefox- and then with my own stupid computer-incompetence.So I am in a state of "arrrrrrghghghghghghghg" right now; I want to swash some buckles and take the cutlass to a few throats!But since it's not Talk Like A Pirate Day until Saturday, I say screw all this! Stand up at your desk and let's dance! … [Read more...]

Mary Travers & Henry Gibson

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The ACORN Grows into a Mighty Mess

Regular readers know I don't ordinarily cover the big, sensationalist stories that go viral through the blogosphere, unless I feel I have something to contribute, so I haven't said much of anything about these shocking videos of ACORN workers advising an undercover "pimp" and "ho" as to how they can get housing, evade taxes and -most repellent- traffic in underage prostitutes brought in from Latin America.I had incorrectly and naively assumed that given the nature of the relationship between … [Read more...]

"Say 'Man & Wife'!"

Nothing like your nerves finally having their way with you.A great bit of fun courtesy of Tom Elia. Love the Princess Bride reference.Speaking of Princess Bride, this is still my favorite scene. Good memories of my kids running around the house in cowboy boots and swords repeating the line...I believe Buster once got a time out for scaring a playmate in pre-school by declaring "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father; prepare to die!" … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day!

As you gather with your families today, for one last cookout, enjoying your easily-purchased beer, cold-transported from the brewer, your propane grill -probably invented by someone who'd forgotten to buy the charcoal lighter fluid, some time in the past- texting on your phones and so forth, remember to be thankful; say a prayer for those who have less, particularly those people who dream of living the life you have while facing oppression in third-world countries, where their "president" is … [Read more...]

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

My husband and I were just flipping through the channels and found the Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. It was the local portion of the show, and we didn't stay long; we'll send in our contribution this week.I believe I have contributed to this charity every Labor Day Weekend since I can remember, either by asking my parents to send in my pennies, or by volunteering at the Telethon centers, and in various fund-raising affairs. Now -and since I was 20, I guess- it's just "send a … [Read more...]