The press are lost and uncomprehending

A VOICE FROM THE PRESS: Mr. Blair, aren't these attacks your fault, because of your foreign policy?John Howard: No self-respecting government of any political stripe would allow that (letting terrorists dictate policies) to happen...May I remind you that the murder of 88 Australians in Bali occurred before operations in Iraq?...May I remind you that Sept. 11 happened before Iraq? May I remind you that the first time Al Qaeda referred specifically to Australia was in regard to the liberation … [Read more...]

Why the Jews are never included

Michael Ledeen has a very thoughtful piece at NRO, wherein he makes a potent point:...many British elites often seemed a micro-step away from saying that the world would be a better place if only Israel weren't there. The Middle East would be so much easier, you know.It's one of those things that few people have the courage to say up front - that many, many elites would be quite happy to see Israel simply cease to be.Ledeen goes out of his way, later, in clarifying that many American … [Read more...]

Bush dances with free people; Albright danced with Kim Jong Il

It's been fun to watch the videos and read the accounts of President Bush's trip to Georgia. I know that for those who do not like him, who - let's face it - hate him, there is nothing charming in these pictures or videos, and his speech sounds like nothing particularly remarkable.People who have lived in freedom their whole lives and do not even realize how their own liberties are being undermined look at President Bush and see...well, I don't know what they see.A swaggering cowboy, … [Read more...]