No WMD? Hang on a second!

Randall Hoven at The American Thinker has a thought or two on that question.“Everyone knows” there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq when Bush decided to invade in 2003. If there were any doubts about that, surely they were laid to rest by the Duelfer Report, the official findings of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) headed by Charles Duelfer, Special Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence.Take your pick of excerpts from Duelfer’s report.• On nuclear weapons: “Saddam Husayn [si … [Read more...]

The Joyful Face of Freedom

Our friend over at Mystery Achievement has a picture that you really must see. It speaks volumes about the joy the Iraqi people are taking as they exercise their right to vote - a right taken for granted by too many in this country, a right too frequently perverted, as we have seen in Wisconsin and Washington State, and elsewhere.The face of freedom. What joy!You cannot look at that face and believe that any of our troops died "for nothing" as John Kerry would say.You cannot look at that face … [Read more...]

A letter from Baghdad, and related items

From Sgt. Thomas Foreman Jr. writing from the center of the storm:Every Iraqi I talk to has hope. I've written several times on the power of hope, and right here is a living, breathing 24-million-strong testament to it. As long as some hope endures for the Iraqi people, my time here will not have been wasted.It will not be perfect. This very well could be the most dangerous period we face while we are over here. There will be some violence against election workers, voters, even the candidates … [Read more...]