Lib Blog: Afghan support was a political tactic

It's refreshing to hear the truth, even if the truth is a shameful one that played with the lives of our service people while politicians and pundits postured.An astonishingly honest assessment — one that I fear is accurate — from the lefty blog Hullabaloo:Escalation is a bad idea. The Democrats backed themselves into defending the idea of Afghanistan being The Good War because they felt they needed to prove their macho bonafides they called for withdrawal from Iraq. Nobody asked too many que … [Read more...]

"Shut Up," he explained – UPDATED

Source<centerWrites Allahpundit: "It’s practically a taunt."Indeed, I find it breathtaking. The man is supposed to be the leader of the country, the president of ALL the people, not just the ones who agree with him, and he's basically over half the nation to just shut up and fall in line.In fact, the president and his White House have been so irresponsible this week, what with their, "punch back twice as hard" nonsense (good going, there, chief) and so blatantly authoritarian with t … [Read more...]

George H.W. Bush; Birthday Appreciation

Today is the 85th Birthday of our 41st President, George H. W. Bush. I believe he's planning to celebrate with a skydive, weather and health permitting. (He did, Hot Air has the video.)I am late to appreciation of him; I was a liberal Democrat who believed he was a silly man, while he was president. I know better, now.His son, George W. Bush, the 43rd President, writes of the joy he takes in his father. One of the most striking notions in Dubya's tribute is that, because of the … [Read more...]

Obama: Drop AlQaeda charges & stop drilling Utah – UPDATED

Okay, I think I'm done. No one can say I was not exceedingly fair to President Obama over the last week or so - and even this morning about the Exec Salary Caps for bailout beneficiaries. I don't like the precedent - and I believe now that it's been done for one group, we're going to see the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Frank government move to cap other salaries, but I got the politics of it.But now, I think I've seen enough.Item:U.S. President Barack Obama will likely order a military commission … [Read more...]

Iraqis get the hang of voting! Obama ignores.

You're looking at Liberty, touching the future... (Essam al-Sudani/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images)"Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!"Predictably - because this was effected by President Bush - the American press is barely mentioning it (last night I could find exactly one story about it, and that was by the BBC) but 15 million registered Iraqis went to the polls today:One Sunni Arab man strolling through Baghdad, Ali Sabah, 26, told CNN he is looking forward to casting a ballot. "Democracy i … [Read more...]

Aboard Air Force One & More – UPDATED

Sorry so quiet - big family birthday shindig yesterday and today I am working on a project for Lent.8 PM Tonight, National Geographic Channel: On Board Air Force One:Journey inside the most secure aircraft in the world, Air Force One, as it carries the President through the confusion and terror of 9/11, a secret mission into Baghdad and a whirlwind diplomatic mission through the Middle East. With unprecedented access, National Geographic introduces you to the presidential pilot and the crew … [Read more...]

Wednesday Linkfest!

Personally a difficult day over here for some family members who are crucible-stepping. If you could keep J and P in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.Meanwhile, there's plenty to read!Big Doings: for the launch of Big Hollywood. I like the Steyn quote highlighted by Ed Driscoll he's right!. And Driscoll is correct that editor John Nolte will keep the site provocative, smart and funny. I like the site a lot - it's quickly going to become yet another of my daily "must reads" and a … [Read more...]

Happy V-I Day!

Declared here.More here … [Read more...]

French Praise for American Soldiers

Via Friend Michael, this must must must read. It will do your heart, soul, sinews, lungs, kidneys and brain good, translated Via:American Troops in Afghanistan Through the Eyes of French Infantryman“We have shared our daily life with two US units for quite a while - they are the first and fourth companies of a prestigious infantry battalion whose name I will withhold for the sake of military secrecy. To the common man it is a unit just like any other. But we live with them and got to know t … [Read more...]

Bush was right. Victorious, too – UPDATED

I'm still trying to keep to my new pledge of only writing about politics when it intersects with religion, but it does seem only fair to note that, Old Europe, which has been struggling all along with its restrictions, has finally admitted that, President Bush was right to keep America out of the Kyoto treaty.That's all I'm going to say. Bush was right. Lots of numbers simply should not be trusted enough to build policy on them.And he also was effective on the environment in ways you never … [Read more...]