WaPo: Bush "substantiated by intelligence" – UPDATED

What a long, strange trip it's been, and here, some years later, we finally get someone in the press to tell it straight: Bush did not lie.There's no question that the administration, and particularly Vice President Cheney, spoke with too much certainty at times and failed to anticipate or prepare the American people for the enormous undertaking in Iraq.But dive into Rockefeller's [Intelligence Committee] report, in search of where exactly President Bush lied about what his intelligence … [Read more...]

"Abandoning Iraq" is now "good policy?"

Ed Morrissey has an excellent post up over at Hot Air, in which he warns that the Iraqis are watching us closely, and with good reason. He quotes Vet for Freedom Michael Hunnicutt:I was on the ground in Iraq for 16 months, and in that time I talked to hundreds of Iraqis. Some didn't like us; some wanted us to leave, but most did not. What they wanted was for America to live up to its word. They wanted us to rid the country of terrorists and militias so that they could live in peace.They … [Read more...]

Is Limbaugh subverting a sacred trust?

Cobb is saying Rush Limbaugh has crossed a line with Operation Chaos, and he even has a cartoon up about it.My take on "Operation Chaos" is that Rush is doing several things, here - he's demonstrating his sway, he's enjoying making mischief (and hoping that when the press talks about "Hillary winning and demonstrating momentum" they'll mention his "Operation,") and he's getting a feel for just how strong may be the desire of conservatives to -- not now, but in coming years -- jump the GOP ship … [Read more...]

Freedom Never Cries

Found via Ace, who got it off John Miller at the Corner, Five For Fighting's John Ondrasik gives us a chance to decide what kind of world we want and he gives us this video to help us decide. It's very moving. Apparently the old man in the pawn shop is a medal of honor winner - one of our our everlasting heroesYou'll want to go watch it, and while you do, remember that - media narratives aside - Iran is at work against Democracy in the Middle East, and oh yeah, it seems Saddam did have ties … [Read more...]

Good news leaks past the embargo on good news…

'Bout a year and a half ago I wrote:Nothing good will show up in the news until Bushitler is out of office and the Dems are back in. Nothing. Good news has been disallowed. If you want to find good news, you will have to look for it yourself.Bad news, though, is so welcome it even gets made up.Last week, Muslims and Christians raised a cross together to help re-open a church in Baghdad.This week, Muslims and Christians gathered together for Holy Mass in a Baghdad church. Yes, in … [Read more...]

Muslims & Christians raise a cross in Baghdad – UPDATED

H/T InstapunditThanks to Michael Yon for permission to disseminate this awesome photograph, which he describes thusly:A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Cavalry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, an occasion all viewed as a sign of hope.The Iraqis asked me to convey a message of thanks to the American people. ” Thank you, thank you,” the people were saying. One man said, “Thank … [Read more...]

Clinton & Bush both thrown a Curveball on Iraq?

“If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.” –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998CBS is reporting that it has found the source of the bad Iraqi WMD intelligence; that would be one Rafid Ahmed Alwan, aka "Curveball."Are informants generally so aptly named?Almost for as long as I've been blogging, I've been asking Where did the WMD intel come from?, a good question that … [Read more...]

Michael Yon offers to help the press find Iraq – UPDATED

UPDATE:::: If you have not been hearing good news from Iraq, that's Bush's fault...because...because he wants the Democrats to look bad...or...something. I don't know.:::: END UPDATEEd Morrissey explains:Michael Yon has grown frustrated with American and European coverage of the war in Iraq. He has experienced the vast gulf that has opened between the reality of his own observations throughout the Iraqi nation and the depictions of doom that the Western media create out of whole cloth -- … [Read more...]

Al Gore’s got my vote!

(Via Instapundit.) He gets it. Al Gore understands Iraq's connection to terrorism and Saddam's murderous ambitions. He gets the connection between Iraq and the Achille Lauro! He really, really hates Iraq and Saddam. He's aware of the dangers of Iraqi interests in nuclear weapons! Al Gore gets the danger of Saddam Hussein!Or, he did, once upon a time. Watch the tape, before it is taken down.As I have said before:...it was the policy of the United States ever since 1998 - under Bill … [Read more...]

No “Phoney” Solider: Gang Member to Navy Cross winner

A very interesting column written by Marco Martinez, a former gang member and a Marine who helped bring down Saddam. His biographical book is Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero, and here he writes about what he saw in Iraq, and why he supports the war:Violence isn't senseless. Senseless violence is senseless. And I should know. Before being awarded the Navy Cross and having the privilege of becoming a Marine, I was a gang member. Sometimes it takes having used violence for both evil as … [Read more...]