“We want Kurdistan to be the 51st US State”

You have to check out Michael Totten's great post.I found a seat next to an old man and ordered a glass of (what else?) Iraqi style tea.It’s hard to describe what happened next without sounding arrogant or full of myself. I don’t mean it that way. The same thing would likely have happened to you if we had switched places. Almost everyone in that tea shop - and it was a crowded place - gathered around me and wanted to shake my hand as though I were a rock star.People in the cities are used t … [Read more...]

David Frum has good words on Iraq

Read them here … [Read more...]

A concise history of the origins of a war

Bryan Preston of Junkyard Blog has created a short film which brings you a clear sense of the events leading up to the so-called "Cartoon War." I actually sent this to a journo friend who was having some trouble figuring out exactly how things started - he was still thinking it was some reckless Danish editor. He appreciate the film. You might too! … [Read more...]

Going Boom on Purim?

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred and doing some looking around and they're coming up with an interesting - troubling - theory about Iran, and Purim, Mordecai and Esther:There is a Jewish Holiday, Purim, that commemorates the deliverance of Persian Jews from a great and evil oppressor, not unlike the evil current day oppressor and hater, in the same place and in the same land.As recounted in the Book of Esther, in that time, the King appointed a regent, Haman, who publicly announced that he would … [Read more...]

Cartoon News you can use – UPDATED

Vaughn Ververs at CBS' Public Eye has a well-written and strong piece up examining the mainstream media's reluctance to print the "offensive" cartoons even though a story this huge sort of demands it:"...All of which brings us to the role of Western media, specifically U.S. media, in this face-off. Often lost in discussing this story is the fact that the cartoons were originally printed in a Danish newspaper some five months ago (conspiracy theories are currently raging as to why they’ve s … [Read more...]

You don’t have to be Jack Bauer to agree

He could have. This is a thought-provoking essay by Herbert E. Meyer in the American Thinker.To think clearly about the looming crisis with Iran, close your eyes and imagine that you’re standing outside your children’s school. It’s 2:55pm, and you’re chatting amiably with other parents while waiting for the 3pm bell to ring. Suddenly you see a man running toward the school, holding a hand grenade and shouting: “I hate kids. I welcome death.”Now, what do you propose to do?One option is to … [Read more...]

Even France has more moxie than Bill

France has decided to join the Danes in standing up for free speech by printing the cartoons which have upset much of the Muslim worldUnder the headline "We have the right to caricature God," a struggling French tabloid today reprinted all 11 of the cartoons first printed by Jyllands-Posten, a right-of-centre Danish broadsheet last September.The coverage ran across pages four and five of this morning's edition with an editorial that defended the freedom of the press."The publication of 12 … [Read more...]

Press Pull-out in Iraq

CBS's Public Eye contributor Brian Montopoli shares an interesting dispatch from a friend of his in Baghdad:...while the hotel used to be full of journalists, many either left the country after the December elections or were pulled out by their publications, which have been cutting back on Baghdad staff as things have gotten progressively more dangerous. The day I checked in, the only people I saw were a few middle-aged Iraqi men in leather jackets forlornly smoking by the front desk, and a … [Read more...]

Joel Stein Roundup – UPDATED

UPDATE: Vanderleun at American Digest has what is probably the final word on Stein. It's very good writing, very perceptive. And a little worrisome.If you're like me, you've seen about a million blogposts about Joel Stein's Warriors and Wusses column - so many that you haven't been able to read them all or keep them straight.I could lie and say I'm grouping them together here, for your convenience. The sad truth is, I'm also doing it for me, for my convenience. I've got tabs open all … [Read more...]

I didn’t get to see Bush’s speech

Wish I hadn't missed it. This particular snippet, from The Political Teen made me both laugh and cry.Full transcript of the speech is here. Reading isn't the same as seeing, but C-span has a habit of not re-showing particularly effective Bush speeches (like the Whitehall speech), so reading may be all you get.UPDATE: Ah, you can watch the video here. I'm going to do it right now!Oh, and more good news for Iraq that isn't getting much play.Boy could you imagine what our national mood … [Read more...]