Government's Breathtaking Disdain for Us – UPDATED

This kills me!:The Interior Department's inspector general says the White House edited a drilling safety report in a way that made it falsely appear that scientists and experts supported the idea of the administration's six-month ban on new drilling.The inspector general says the editing changes resulted "in the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer reviewed." But it hadn't been. The scientists were only asked to review new safety measures for offshore … [Read more...]

Olby's short, sweet suspension – UPDATED

I've had a few emails from people rolling their eyes at the "high drama" of Keith Olbermann's suspension at MSNBC, which appears to have been a big nothing. He'll be back on the air soon.A friend wondered if the whole thing was a publicity stunt.If it was, it sort of blew up in their faces, didn't it? If they'd expected the rightwing punditry to engage in gleeful vindictiveness over his suspension, they had to be disappointed. Many on the right were appalled at the suspension and decried … [Read more...]

Whore is as Whore Does; NOW is over

A week ago, Ed Morrissey looked at NOW's endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown--whose campaign assistant had just been caught referring to his (female) rival as "a whore"--and asked "Seriously, what does it take for a Democrat to lose the endorsement of the National Organization from Women?"The answer, of course, is "turn pro-life."Anything short of that, and it really doesn't matter what misogynist, insulting or dehumanizing thing a Democrat does, NOW will support … [Read more...]

In the Day of the Bully

Over the weekend, I mentioned to someone that I hate the tv ad for the Chrysler Town and Country--the one where a little boy is being chased by bullies; he dives into the open hatchback of a waiting minivan, and his mother--who apparently knows her son is the target of bullies, but parks some distance away from school--then smiles as he makes his escape and the hatchback slowly closes behind him. Still smiling, and oblivious to the fact that thwarted bullies do not surrender, but only slink … [Read more...]

Coat Hanger Caper;"Shut up, Witness."

It's 2002, In a UK Courtroom, and a man is being tried for stealing 40,000 hotel coat hangers and Joseph Heller could not have written a more entertaining transcript!Counsel: What is your name?Chrysler: Chrysler. Arnold Chrysler.Counsel: Is that your own name?Chrysler: Whose name do you think it is?Counsel: I am just asking if it is your name.Chrysler: And I have just told you it is. Why do you doubt it?Counsel: It is not unknown for people to give a false name in … [Read more...]

Arrogant, Self-Absorbed Capitalists

Over at Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds notes the sentiments of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: "Americans are self-absorbed."Reynolds puckishly concurs, and suggests that Americans stop sitting at home watching their Netflix videos and go out to join a tea party. Get some fresh air.Laura Curtis at the Washington Examiner does a good job of putting Hastings quote into context and them hammering him for it in a must-read piece:In a recent interview, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responded to a question … [Read more...]

Speaking of "Ameridolatry"…

It's a discussion I think is really valuable, for all Christians. If we forget that we actually are living in exile, and where our true home is, we really will be lost!I link to a whole bunch of discussion on the issue, here … [Read more...]

The Clampdown; Shirley Sherrod & Ken Howell – UPDATED

Here we have the presentment of two job losses:Shirley Sherrod gives a speech; within the speech she indulges in a bit of roundaboutation, saying some things that seemed offensive, until the larger context was understood.Because the embrasure of "politically correct speech" has encouraged reactionary hyper-vigilance as to words, sentences or modes of reasoning that might steer too close to the movable line known as "hate," Sherrod's edited remarks were immediately received as such and … [Read more...]

Journolist: Listening So You Don't Have To!

Git along little dawgiesOver at RCP Jay Cost is asking what's so bad about journolisters?It's a good piece, and I urge you to read it, but here's what I think:Journolisters discourage listening among their readers and the general public, and if people are not listening, they are not thinking, either; they're just following the moo-path, which appears to suit the journolisters just fine, since it is the one they're forging.When Jeremiah Wright's America-damning, race-tainted rants were … [Read more...]

The Reality of Pope Benedict, 2010

The other day I was chatting with a friend about how the reality of Pope Benedict the XVI been nothing like the "petrifying" whip-cracking reactionary that so many talking heads had predicted back in 2005. Yes, E.J. Dionne had actually said he was "petrified" over what the dreaded Joseph Ratzinger--the caricature of the media's own creation--would do to the Church.That made me go look up and dust off a link-heavy piece where I'd looked back at some of those paranoid predictions of 2005. … [Read more...]