Air America case still “non-story” to NYTimes

UPDATE: It is still being ignored by "the paper of record."It seems the NY Sun is now covering the story of Air America's apparent shenannigans with money marked for poor kids and elderly folk. As are CNN, Fox News the Washington Times and the NY Post.Oddly enough, though, NBC's Today Show and the NY Times, both of which trumpeted the start of Air America as the Second Coming, have not said a word about it.Michelle Malkin has an exhaustive, comprehensive and link-filled rundown on the … [Read more...]

Was Turley played by Dick Durbin?

Or was Durbin played by Turley?I dunno! All I know is you should go over to Betsy's Page and read the newest developments in the continuing story of "Why SCOTUS Nominee John Roberts' Catholicism is Troubling, Very Troubling."Item 1) The exchange between Roberts and Durbin which Turley reported on yesterday may not have happened, at all.Item 2) The NY Times has reduced the crux of the now-disputed exchange to an alarming degree.Item 3) Durbin and his spokesman say they don't know where … [Read more...]

Turley lays down his God Card

UPDATE: This carrying on about other people's religion is becoming a very bad habit. Here is Ted Kennedy "not talking" about Mitt Romney's Mormonism.It would be all-too predictable if I were to go on a rant about this article by Jonathan Turley wherein he basically lets the cat out of the bag and reveals the position of the left on religion, specifically on those troublesome Catholics and other Christians, that is: It's okay to be Catholic, as long as you disagree with the Church. It's … [Read more...]

Atta played the Gov’t in 2000

As much as I read news, I can't keep up! I never heard of what Mark Steyn talks about hereWITH hindsight, the defining encounter of the age was not between Mohammed Atta's jet and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, but that between Mohammed Atta and Johnelle Bryant a year earlier. Bryant is an official with the US Department of Agriculture in Florida, and the late Atta had gone to see her about getting a $US650,000 government loan to convert a plane into the world's largest … [Read more...]

Bill Moyers another old Dem hero bites the dust

Once upon a time, I respected Bill Moyers. A looooooong time ago. I haven't for a while, now. Kinda glad, too. … [Read more...]

Pregnant widow of PFC must deal with scum

UPDATE: Seems these flags were used to light up the car, but not as a political statement. Just plain stupidity. I stand corrected.I'm sorry, I don't use the word scum often, so if I am using it now, you know it is not being used lightly. There are no words:FAIRFIELD - American flags, lining the lawn of the mother- and father-in-law of fallen U.S. Army Pfc. Timothy Hines Jr., were heaped in a pile early Saturday and burned under a car parked in front of the home - less than 24 hours after … [Read more...]

Tell Sen. Byrd to stop helping!

Look, someone get this man a mint julep and quietly usher him off the stage...please. … [Read more...]

Ed Morrissey has the last word on Nadagate

Or, in a sane world, it would be the last word. But there is little that is sane, or intellectually honest in 21st Century American political discourse.Nevertheless, Captain Ed - wearing his Daily Standard Cap - seems quite in his wits, with this piece, and one can only add please God, make someone - anyone - on the left stand up and say, "yes...this overblown story is absurd."I'm not counting on it, though. Meanwhile, Greg Pierce notes - sigh - more double standards in how the press deals … [Read more...]

Democrats out another gay guy

One of the reasons I had to leave the Democrat party, after a lifetime, was because I couldn't stomach the double-standards anymore. Just as I couldn't stand to hear that the lesbian seduction of a 13 year old girl in the play The Vagina Monologues was considered a "good" rape (the play has now re-written the girl's age to 16, but it's still "good"), I cannot stand it when the supposedly tolerant left outs a gay person. There is never a good reason to invade someone's privacy like that. You … [Read more...]

The Get-Bush-Scandal 12 Step Dance

Betsey Newmark has very cleverly thought through the process of an incipient "heh-heh-we've-got-Bush-now" Democrat/Media scandal, and she's broken them down into 12 easy steps:1. Something comes out in the press that looks terribly damaging.2. The media goes into overdrive hyping the story and focusing on it monomaniacally.3. The lefty bloggers start drooling in glee.4. Democratic politicians make somber, seemingly heartsick speeches denouncing the administration in increasingly … [Read more...]