Democrats blame US in oil-for-food scandal

Here's a big surprise! I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from this big surprise!Senate Democrats Fault U.S. in Iraq Oil ScandalThe United States did not do enough to curb corruption by American companies involved in the United Nations' oil-for-food program in Iraq, say Democrats on a Senate committee investigating abuses in the program.A report by the Democrats released late Monday said the State Department and the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control had taken … [Read more...]

Is this the tipping point?

In Rumer Godden's exquisite little gem of a book, In This House of Brede, a Benedictine Abbot and Abbess are conversing about the changing times. The abbot complains that some of his monks want to shorten the hours of the Divine Office (the liturgical prayer that is the "work" of the monastic) in order to work on their farm or their printery. The abbess confesses that some of her nuns want the same. The abbot, in frustration, says, "contemplatives want to do the work of active orders, active … [Read more...]

Bush is a Loser? And Harry Reid is, what? A winner?

Ms. Newmark shakes her head in disgust at Harry Reid's unfathomable stupidity and his nasty, quite wrong, undiplomatic, extremely partisan and hapless (considering the US President is on foreign soil) remarks. Then she reminds us of some of his other nasty, quite wrong, undiplomatic, extremely partisan remarks.Ms. Newmark suggests that Reid is a dim bulb who should try shutting his yap, sometimes. I concur. And I cannot help but counter Reid's assertion that President Bush is "a … [Read more...]

I had nothing to do with this

Hate in your heart will consume you, too...Will Smith, Just the two of us...A fellow blogger who shall remain nameless suggested that Maureen Dowd lost her prime Sunday op-ed journo real estate because of some things I'd written in response to her dopiness, here and here...and, um...well, here.I say no. Whatever has happened to Maureen Dowd has happened to her because she has completely given herself over to her hatred. Hate in your heart will consume you, too, and MoDo is sadly … [Read more...]

Tina Brown: Our Lady of the Air Kiss

I don't know when I have read a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck than Tina Brown's latest column in the Washington Post, Reverence Gone Up In Smoke.Sigh...what a disappointment for Tina and her pals - amid all of that glorious color and pomp of a papal funeral and a conclave, the solemn beauty of the chant, the whole mystical and mysterious sense of Other - they'd become attracted, mildly so, but attracted, nevertheless, to the whole … [Read more...]

No Honeymoon for Benedict XVI

It seems a shame, really. The man hadn't been pope for two hours when the lefty blogs went (literally) profane and disgraceful (and - of course - adolescent) and the press was hardlining their memes and caricatures of him.Benedict XVI, it seems, is a relentless and remorseless hard-ass who takes-no-prisoners and wields a clumsy and undiplomatic sword, cutting a path of hard-hearted destruction no matter where he goes, and he will be a disaster for the church, and oppressor of women, gays, … [Read more...]

A personal resolve to try to be more balanced

Trey at Jackson's Junction caught a very good blip, and it's really a keeper, from a compilation by MSNBC.After signing off, last night, I spent a lot of time thinking about the lessons of this pope, and where I fall short in them. Basically, I fall short all over the place. JPII managed to see people - first and foremost - as human beings, as imperfect created creatures, loved into being and called by their birth to vocations which are - ultimately - meant to love and serve the Creator and each … [Read more...]

Decent people may disagree and still be decent people

I heard Peggy Noonan speak that line on a discussion panel some years ago, during the Clinton Administration, when "scorched earth" was the policy and when suddenly, it wasn't enough to disagree with someone - you had to hate them, too.Decent people may disagree and still be decent people.I'm wondering if maybe that's not a bumpersticker we need to see made. I wonder if we've had enough scorched earth, yet. I'm not talking about making nice-nice and smoothing over disagreements, pretending they … [Read more...]

A liberal voice makes an important call

A call for intellectual honesty and moral clarity as regards the left and the right and the means by which we mutually attack. Kurt Anderson's essay, When Good News Feels Bad is a really good read, folks, and I'm not saying simply because he writes this to his pals on the left:And now the terrible business of judging the correct price [of Administration policies] requires as much empirical rigor and moral clarity as we can muster, the sort of careful, “reality-based” judgments that liberals pri … [Read more...]

21 million for art? What about the poor, the sick, the suffering?

I keep meaning to write about this, and then getting sidetracked:Christo and his wife spent 21 millions dollars of their own money to erect 26 miles of "Gates" with billowing saffron drapes upon them, in Central Park.Which is fine. I'm all for art, and if someone wants to spend 21 million dollars to make art (and, even better, if it will only last for two weeks) that's OK by me.But I listened to folks being interviewed on the radio about it. They were praising it to heaven, using words like … [Read more...]