How did your voting go? – UPDATED

Polling, by William Hogarth Via Cat at Brits at their Best who writes:Polling (1754) by William Hogarth. Long lines then, too, even though not all men and no women could vote. Voting is the only reliable poll - unless voters have been pressured or votes have been stolen.In 1872, PM William Gladstone introduced the secret ballot. Previously men had to mount a platform in full view of their neighbours and announce their choice of candidate to the officer who recorded it in the poll book. … [Read more...]

Remember the Panhandle!

In 2000, the press declared the Florida polling places closed an hour before the precincts in the Panhandle - which runs at Central, not Eastern time - had closed.Thanks to that error - made over, and over, by every news outlet (hard to believe none of them understood about the panhandle, but seems they did not) - thousands of people, thinking the polls closed, may not have voted. Had they voted, the margin of victory in Florida might not have been so slim (and yes, it was a victory for Bush, … [Read more...]

No Coal Power, No Questions in Obamaland – UPDATED

I don't know why the McCain camp is not running constant ads - at least in PA and Virginia, highlighting Obama's admission that - given the opportunity - he'll bankrupt any new coal plants.The press, of course, is mum. As we see with the LA Times, which arrogantly will release neither tape nor transcript of Obama speaking at an Israel-bashing event (can you just imagine how quickly they'd deliver same were John McCain speaking instead), they have no interest in actually covering anything … [Read more...]

Obama meets Joe the Plumber, in fiction

From Night Watch by Terry Pratchett :There was Rosie Palm, and Sandra, and Reg Shoe, and half a dozen others sitting around another table, in the middle of the street. As Vimes stepped out into the evening, a plaintive voice said: "You cannot fight for 'reasonably priced love.'""You can if you want me and the rest of the girls on board," said Rosie. "'Free' is not a word we wish to see used in these circumstances.""Oh, very well," said Reg, making a note on a clipboard. "We're all … [Read more...]

Vote fraud: The ACORN Breakdown

A few weeks ago, I emailed Jim at Gateway Pundit, who I recall having what seemed like hundreds of links to past ACORN bad-behavior, in terms of voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, vote supression (tire slashing on election day) and more, and I said, "you should put together one large post that has ALL of your ACORN links."He wrote back that it sounded like a good idea, and now he has an approximation of that up at Pajamas Media. I think he has even more links but had no more room … [Read more...]

Prom Queen of Love

Three beauties photographed by Carolyn PassGot this great story from reader Frank, who found it here.Never has the selection of a homecoming queen sent so many tears falling so freely.Kristin Pass, an 18-year-old senior with Down syndrome, became Aledo High School's homecoming queen Friday to a joyous standing ovation and the flutter of a thousand tissues on a remarkable night for an amazing young woman.Her grandfather, Dr. David Campbell of Corsicana, escorted her onto the field and … [Read more...]

ACORN, Media & the Angry Right

We're watching the press out-and-out lie in its reportage. We're watching YouTube censor what may negatively impact their man. Networks will sell 1/2 chunks of airtime to the Obama campaign, but will not run an ad by his critics. Ann Althouse notes that basic accurate transcription appears to be beyond the press' capability.No wonder the GOP rank-and-file are edgy, and angry. They know what "free speech" is. They've been gritting their teeth and respecting the first amendment for the last … [Read more...]

GOP: Hail Mary Pass or Go Home

I took a quick turn through the 'sphere and at my email and saw a lot of frustration from Republicans, who are getting fed up with the double standards that are standard for the media and the left.Yes, it's there; yes, it's every day. Yes, Gwen Ifill is a dreadful choice, a Obama-enthralled partisan moderating a debate, and she should be replaced. Go ahead, make the phone calls, make a stink - try to get her replaced. Whoever they replace her with will be just as "in the tank" so it seems … [Read more...]

Palin s/b "gangraped by black men."

I'm down with a fever and likely this will be my only post for the day; if I feel better later I will record and post Compline, but right now kind of out of it. And cranky.Just three thoughts.1) It seems like President Bush - who tried in 2003 to prevent the economic meltdown we're in today - has pulled everyone's asses out of the fire. He will get no credit for it. President Bush appears to be the last grown-up left in Washington, but he will get no props. Credit and props will go to … [Read more...]

Invading Palin's privacy – UPDATED

Remember in 2000, when Rick Lazio was running against Hillary Clinton for the NY Senate, and he walked across the stage to hand her a piece of paper and was instantly condemned as "threatening" and excoriated for "invading her space?"A lot of people regard that as the moment Lazio lost the race. People didn't like perceiving a woman as being "threatened." They did not like her "space" being invaded.Now the Obamaphiles - the angry, crazed, hate-filled part of the left who cannot understand … [Read more...]