Elizabeth Lev on the Looping of History

One gets the sense that if Edmund Burke showed up today, he'd look around and say "meh, I've seen this before; know how it ends."This is excellent; a piece by Elizabeth Lev which takes a gander at history and finds some astonishing parallels with the present moment.In 1790, most of the world was congratulating France for what seemed like a successfully completed revolution. The hated King had been brought to heel, and change had swept through an oppressed nation, offering hope for a … [Read more...]

Cardinal Levada Responds to NY Times -UPDATE

H/TA week into the whirlwind sown by a NY Times article that traveled around the world before accuracy, fairness or balance could get their pants on, Cardinal William J. Levada, the pope's successor as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has written a long and rather stunning reply to the Times, in which he writes very personally.Rocco Palma, who reproduces the entire piece at his site, writes that in all the coverage and defense of the Pope you may have read, "you've … [Read more...]

Murphy Case: NYT Never Talked to Judge – UPDATES

In a remarkable piece, we get a sense of confirmation, that the New York Times and the mainstream press are doing their best -during Holy Week, as usual- to (at the very least) foment disgust at the Pontiff and the Catholic Church and/or (at worst) create a climate that "demands" a papal abdication.But curiously, as the media talk endlessly about an extremely sick case out of Wisconsin, the Times -which "broke" the story- seems to have been very selective in their sources. Fr. Thomas … [Read more...]

Faith & Politics, Appetite & Desire

Today at Mass I was praying for all on my list, and also praying for the nation, the president, Speaker Pelosi and so forth. I thought to myself: "she strikes me as someone in whom everything has been burned away except political appetite."But then I considered that the same statement can be true about so many of us who are "political junkies." The old nag began within me again: when do our ideologies take over to the extent that they become our idols?It's a valid concern.And then … [Read more...]

How to Pray for the Nation

Got this from reader Alexandra, and thought it was such incredibly simple (but profound) advice, that I had to share it. It really humbled and instructed me:. . .when the Bush-Gore recount battle was going on, I asked my parish priest, a very wise man who loves Christ, how to discern God's will. I wasn't asking so much for his opinion on the politics of the day but when I am in one of these political battles and a religious person, can I discern God's will in the course of trying to decide … [Read more...]

Year of the Priest: Military

Excerpts from a great photo essay on military chaplains, coming to us via the Crescat, who loves to celebrate the manly priests:Catholic military chaplain Cpt. Carl Subler on March 5 at a small U.S. combat outpost in Sha-Wali-Kot in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan (See the whole inspiring thing hereAll found via New AdventRelated: The Stuff Priests are Made Of … [Read more...]

The Priestly Day – UPDATED

Some wonder why I post Nun News but so little on priests.Probably because I'm a girl, but I do take a great interest in men's vocations, too, and I pray for the Pope and every priest and deacon I know, every day, and for more priests, of course.But here's some priest/friar/brother/deacon stuff for you, starting with a Day in a Priest's Life video courtesy of Deacon Greg:Since losing out to Bill and Melinda Gates on a desirable plot of land, the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming (purveyors of … [Read more...]

Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

As Bill Creed, a Jesuit spiritual director, once told me, "In the bright sunshine of God's love, your shadows begin to emerge." -- James Martin, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything; A Spirituality for Real LifeBoy, does that resonate with me, and with everyone I know who is serious about deepening their relationship with Christ. Face-to-face with the All-in-all, one eventually comes face-to-face with oneself, in all one's glaring inadequacy; the soul is planed down through prayer and … [Read more...]

Life, Death, Sacrifice and More

A coupla priests sittin' around talkin.' Runs the gamut from thought-provoking to challenging, to amusing, to the source of power.Ten solid minutes. I can't make Corapi's accent out, though, can you?Via.More yakking: This time it's Archbishop Timothy Dolan, chatting with the press on the 1 year anniversary of his appointment to New York.Meanwhile, it seems Fr. Dwight and I are similarly inclined in many ways. That's a nice piece of his, you'll want to read it.Is God's Love Really … [Read more...]

Bad Day, Good Readings

"The temptation to acedia is an invitation to abandon involvement and leave the pangs of creativity to others.", -- Michael Casey, Fully Human, Fully Divine“…my capacity for joy shrivels up and, like drought-stricken grass, I die down to the roots to wait it out. The simplest acts demand a herculean effort…I am observing my life more than living it. I recognize in all of this the siege of what the desert monks termed the “noonday demon.” It suggests that whatever I’m doing, indeed my e … [Read more...]