Expressions of Thanks in Very Anxious Times

Thanksgiving Ramirez

Cartoon sourceDuring the summer, I had an idea that was meant to be relevant to this week. I wanted to ask all sort of writers to express in a couple of hundred words just who they were thankful for the formation of their faith -- not so much the famous people but the obscure ones, the people no one had ever heard of, perhaps long dead, whose names may not have been spoken in decades. It was an idea meant to demonstrate the power of one life influencing another and how all of that creates … [Read more...]

Tebow Thoughts in Time for the Weekend – UPDATES


Over at the landing page you'll see a new and thoughtful piece by Matt Emerson, who is plundering the depths and daring to wonder about how important it is to be who we are in the scheme of creation:Through self-examination, spiritual direction, faith, and even something as basic as trial and error, a person begins to see what about him-or-herself is fake or unreal or simply artificial, and also what is true, holy, and authentic: what is wanted for the sake of the world and what is wanted … [Read more...]

Christmas Cuteness and the Revolution

Okay, the Three Kings killed me!Lethal Christmas Cuteness, right here (New Advent).Followed by the truth of what Advent is preparing us for. Hint -- I've used the word before -- yes: Revolution!More: Pat Gohn: Put Yourself into the Christmas StoryMake Room for ChristAnd one last great Christmas Gift Idea! … [Read more...]

Our “Yes” to God Brings His More Perfect “Yes” to Us


I love this month's cover of Magnificat Magazine -- Madonna and Child, by Marianne Stokes (1855-1927), Wolverhampton Art Gallery, West Midlands, UK. (© Bridgeman Giraudon) -- it captures the simple youth and energy of Mary, who would have been about 14 years old: her gaze is direct and open, and so is the child's. It almost harkens to Christ's ministry, and his command, "Ephphatha, be opened!"We are living in urgent times, where illusions are swirling all about, making it difficult to … [Read more...]

The Lower Lights: Fresh Christmas Sounds – UPDATE


Regular readers know I've been ranting for years about the need for fresh interpretations of our most beloved Christmas Carols; some of the radio stations around here have been looping Christmas music since before Thanksgiving and it's the same stuff, every year: Mariah Carey bouncing, Tammy Wynette keening, Andy Williams howling and bombast from all the new, young singers. They're all talented, but really? Is that loop all of the worthy Christmas music out there?I mean, I've given up … [Read more...]

Advent Companion App – UPDATED

mag app

I am liking this Magnificat Advent Companion App a LOT.It gives you prayers for the morning, the mass readings of Advent, Prayers for evening at night (so, mini-versions of Lauds, Vespers and Compline) and a daily meditation, PLUS (!) an Advent penance service, the Christmas Proclamation, prayers, blessings and the Advent Stations of the CrossIf you are looking for a way to incorporate more prayer into your life in the coming year, this is the perfect tool to get you started. It only … [Read more...]

“Our Father” The LONG Version

Jennifer Fulwiler began her "Our Father" project a long time ago. As she writes here:When I wrote the first post for this series back in March, I thought I’d have it wrapped up by the end of Lent. I would have never guessed that the final post wouldn’t be up until almost December!Well, all things happen in God's good time, but Jen -- who is one of those superwomen (like Simcha Fischer, Danielle Bean, Betty Duffy and others) who manages to run writing rings around the rest of us while r … [Read more...]

Hating on Black Friday and “The Season”

Black Friday

I confess, I despise "Black Friday." I hate the way consumers are urged to haul their Thanksgiving-exhausted selves out to stores -- away from family members who have often traveled some distance to come together -- so they can surrender their human dignity or assault the dignity of others in order to snag a ten-dollar sweater and a waffle-maker for $9.99.And I hate the way consumers go along with it.I hate the way the mad buying and bad behavior is attached to Christmas -- the coming … [Read more...]