Like God, a Dog is Crazy, Open, Runs-to-You Love

Alle on grass

This is so lovely, and makes me really miss my Alle. It reminds me of everything she taught me about love and about God. Which is a lot:I will never be half as loving as Alle was; that much love is a gift of grace, and one I lack. But I can remember my dear, beautiful girl and realize what she taught me about God — the constancy of a love so unconditional; a love that watches as you leave, waits so faithfully and runs to meet you when you return; a love that comforts in illness, consoles in l … [Read more...]

Oh Unhappy and Biscuitless World!

Recaptured thanks to the wayback machine:Well, once again, I have been taken to task over an issue of food, by the Border Collie.Generally, breakfast around here is a cup of yogurt, a bowl of cereal or oatmeal and several cups of the magnificent Mystic Monk Dark Roast or Monk Blend Coffee. But I’ve been off my feed for a few days (which is no cause for alarm since I, unhappily, carry my own reserves on my Irish hips) and this morning nothing tempted me except a Stella D’oro Breakfast Tre … [Read more...]